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Forest Firefighter One

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The official name of this minifigure is not known.
Although this article is based on an official minifigure confirmed to exist, the name of the article is merely a conjecture.
Forest Firefighter One
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Axe, Chainsaw, Fire extinguisher, Helmet, Respirator



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Forest Firefighter One is a City Forest minifigure, that appears in two sets; 4427 Fire ATV and 853378 Firemen Minifigure Pack.


The firefighter consists of a Dark Red firefighter helmet, a Dark Grey oxygen mask with a Transparent visor and Bright Yellow oxygen tank, a head piece printed with thick eyebrows, an Orange bruise or mark, a smirk and some stubble, a Bright orange torso with bright orange arms and dark grey hands, the front of the torso is printed with a utility belt which has Brown pouches and a Silver buckle, a pocket, a collar with a silver button and a patch of Tan in the middle, the back of the torso is printed with a fire emblem and continuations of the utility belt and and tan patch, bright orange legs printed with a line of tan on the top of them and some dark tan patches.



AccessoriesAxe, Chainsaw, Fire extinguisher, Helmet, Respirator +
Appearances4427 Fire ATV
853378 Firemen Minifigure Pack +
Image4427 alt2.png +
InfoboxTemplateMinifigure +
ThemeCity +
TitleForest Firefighter One +
Years2012 +