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French Football Player

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Je joue au foot. Allez les bleus!
―The black-haired French Football Player [src]
French Football Player



Black hair
Brown hair
Black hair, moustache
Blonde hair
Brown hair, moustache
Black legs



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A French Football Player is a minifigure from the Soccer/Football theme. A total of six minifigures are on this team.


The players all have blue torso pieces with yellow hands, and have printing including red stripes running down each side, with two white stripes to either side of the red one. At the top of the piece in the centre is a V-shaped neckline, surrounded by red at the jersey's opening. Below the neck is a silver five-pointed star outlined in white, and underneath the star is a silver Gallic rooster, an unofficial French national symbol. The rooster also has outlining and detailing for the wings and tail in white, and the rooster's wattle and comb in red. The rooster is attached to a box also in silver and outlined in white, with the white text "F.F.F." in the box, for Fédération Française de Football (French Football Federation). Each player also has a yellow headpiece, with differing printing and hair piece combinations. The players also either have black or white legs pieces.

White-legged variants[edit]

Five of the players have plain white leg pieces, with printing on the upper part of the right leg featuring an Adidas logo in blue with the brand name underneath in black.

Black hair

This player has two black oval-shaped eyes, black eyebrows and black printed hair at the top, and has a smiling expression. He also has a brown freckles situated between his eyes and mouth. He comes with a standard male hairpiece in black.

Brown hair

This player has brown hair, and black printing on his face for dot eyes, a smile and eyebrows. He also has brown printing for sideburns and stubble.

Black hair, moustache

Featuring a black hairpiece, this player has black printing for a smile, curly moustache, two eyes with eyebrows, sideburns, and printed hair at the top. The headpiece was most commonly used for the early variants of Johnny Thunder.

Blonde hair

The only member of the team to have a blonde hairpiece, this player has black printing on his face for dot eyes, eyebrows and a smile.

Brown hair, moustache

The second member of the team to have brown hair, this player has two black dot eyes and a smile, as well as a black moustache.

Black-legged variant[edit]

Unlike the other minifigures on the team, this player has a plain black leg piece. He has the same hairpiece and face as the white-legged variant with black hair and a moustache.


Équipe de France de football, or the French national soccer/football team is a group of players selected to play for France in international matches. Under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane, the team were the winners of the 1998 FIFA World Cup. The team also played at least one exhibition match against the Red and Blue team, where they employed the Grey Goalkeeper to be their goalie.


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Black hairBrown hairBlack hair, moustacheBlonde hairBrown hair, moustacheBlack legs

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Brown hair
Black hair, moustache
Blonde hair
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