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2003 - 2004 (Though Soccer began in 2000)


Sports was a System compatible toyline that involved tabletop versions of team sports such as Basketball, Football (Soccer) and Hockey, as well as other sports like skateboarding or snowboarding (both under the name Gravity Games). Most sets included normal System elements and even normal minifigures but also featured many new unique pieces to enable various new playability functions that were characterictic to this theme and set it apart from other sports-related conventional LEGO sets.

The name Sports and the logo first appeared in 2003, although the first Sports-styled soccer-sets already appeared in 2000. But these were then sold under their own logo and not under the Sports brand until 2003 when LEGO added additional forms of sport to its portfolio.

Licensing contracts allowed LEGO to sell many of its sets with the official logos of major sports organizations related to the sport featured in the sets, such as NBA, NHL, NHL Players' Association and Gravity Games or sporting good manfacturers like Adidas.

Featured sports[edit]

Soccer / Football[edit]

Football was the first sport featured in the sports theme. The first sets were released in 2000. The play principle involved minifigures on fixed positions that were mounted on flexible stands in the center of small pits on the field. The football would fall into one of the pits and flipping back and releasing the respective figure would flick the ball out of the pit into the desired direction. With this concept, two large football fields for team matches and several small training setups with fewer figures were released.


Basketball worked in a similar way as soccer, but the ball had to be picked up from the pit first by bending the minifigures over so that the ball was grabbed between the arms. It was then flipped back and upon release the ball was flicked away. The minifigures have special leg segments with springs so they could be bent over easier.



There were some sets featuring LEGO Hockey Minifigures, as well as larger figures that moved their hockey stick when hit on the head using TECHNIC parts. Also seen was a set based on Street Hockey. Interestingly, while this is a System theme, there were only two System sets but a large number of TECHNIC sets.

Skateboarding and snowboarding (Gravity Games)[edit]

These sets featured normal minifigures on small boards that could be used in a way similar to fingerboards. The sets also included several accessories such as ramps, rails or half pipes.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10121  NBA Basketball Teams          
No image 10127  NHL Action Set with Stickers          
No image 1428  Kick 'n' Score          
No image 1429  Goalkeeper Training          
No image 1430  Precision Training          
No image 3310  Press Box          
No image 3311  Television Tower          
No image 3312  Paramedic Unit          
No image 3389  Skateboarder          
No image 3390  Streetball Player          
No image 3401  Shoot 'n' Score          
No image 3402  Grandstand          
3403 Box.jpg 3403  Grandstand with Scoreboard  79  3   $14.99  2000 
No image 3404  Black Team Bus          
No image 3405  Blue Team Bus          
No image 3406  Americas Team Transport          
No image 3407  Red Team Transport          
No image 3408  Super Sports Coverage          
No image 3409  Championship Challenge          
No image 3410  Field Expansion Set          
No image 3411  Team Transport          
No image 3412  Point Shooting          
No image 3413  Goal Keeper          
No image 3414  Precision Shooting          
No image 3415  Japanese Soccer Team          
No image 3416  Women's Soccer Team          
No image 3418  Point Shooting          
No image 3419  Precision Shooting          
No image 3420  Championship Challenge II          
No image 3421  3 vs. 3 Shootout          
No image 3422  Shoot-N-Save          
No image 3423  Freekick Frenzy          
No image 3424  Target Practice          
No image 3425  Grand Championship Cup          
No image 3426  Adidas Team Transport          
No image 3427  NBA Slam Dunk          
No image 3428  One vs One Action          
No image 3429  Ultimate Defense          
No image 3430  NBA Spin and Shoot          
No image 3431  Street Ball 2 vs 2          
No image 3432  NBA Challenge          
No image 3433  Ultimate NBA Arena          
No image 3440  NBA Jam Session          
No image 3440  NBA Jam Session Co-Pack          
No image 3500  Kobe Bryant          
No image 3529  Pau Gasol          
No image 3530  Tony Parker          
No image 3535  Skateboard Street Park          
No image 3536  Snowboard Big Air Comp          
No image 3537  Skateboard Vert Park Challenge          
No image 3538  Snowboard Boarder Cross Race          
No image 3540  Puck Passer          
No image 3541  Slap Shot          
No image 3542  Flip Shot          
No image 3543  Slammer Goalie          
No image 3544  Game Set          
No image 3545  Puck Feeder          
No image 3548  Slam Dunk Trainer          
No image 3549  Practise Shooting          
No image 3550  Jump and Shoot          
No image 3557  Blue Player and Goal          
No image 3558  Red Player and Goal          
No image 3559  Red and Blue Player          
No image 3560  NBA Collectors          
No image 3561  NBA Collectors          
No image 3562  NBA Collectors          
No image 3563  NBA Collectors          
No image 3564  NBA Collectors          
No image 3565  NBA Collectors          
No image 3566  NBA Collectors          
No image 3567  NBA Collectors          
No image 3568  Soccer Target Practice          
No image 3569  Grand Soccer Stadium          
No image 3570  Street Soccer          
No image 3573  Superstar Figure          
No image 3578  NHL Championship Challenge          
No image 3579  NHL Street Hockey          
No image 3584  Rapid Return          
No image 3585  Snowboard Super Pipe          
No image 4202562  Football          
No image 4443  Defender 1          
No image 4444  Defender 2          
No image 4445  Midfielder 1          
No image 4446  Forwarder 1          
No image 4447  Forwarder 2          
No image 4448  Defender 3          
No image 4449  Defender 4          
No image 4450  Midfielder 2          
No image 4451  Forwarder 3          
No image 4452  Forwarder 4          
No image 4453  Goal Keeper          
No image 4454  Referee          
No image 4455  Hot Dog Girl          
No image 4456  Doctor          
No image 4457  TV Cameraman          
No image 4458  TV Camera          
No image 4459  PK Kicker          
No image 4460  Goal          
No image 4461  Bench          
No image 4462  Hotdog Trolley          
No image 4463  Light          
No image 4464  Bottle Case          
No image 4465  Vending Machine          
No image 4466  Sign Board          
No image 4467  Stretcher          
No image 4468  Stand          
No image 4469  Drink Stand          
No image 4470  Ball          
No image 4471  Secret Set A          
No image 4472  Secret Set B          
No image 5012  Footballer and Goal          
No image 5013  Free Throw          
No image 5014  2 Players          
No image 5015  Skateboarder          
No image 5016  Player and Backboard          
No image 5017  2 Players          
No image 5018  Snowboarder          
No image 65182  Slammer Stadium          
No image 7676139  LEGO Vertical Lunch          
No image 78800  Soccer Co-Pack          
No image 7917  Blue Basketball Player          
No image 7918  Green Basketball Player          
No image 7919  White Hockey Player          
No image 7920  Blue Hockey Player          
No image 7921  Skateboarder          
No image 7922  Snowboarder          
No image 7923  White Football Player          
No image 7924  Red Football Player          
No image TS14  T-Shirt, Soccer          
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