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Black Team Player

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Black Team Player



Brown hair, moustache
Blonde hair
Black hair, moustache
Brown hair
Black hair


Black hat



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A Black Team Player is a minifigure from the Soccer/Football theme. A total of six minifigures are on this team.



The players on this team all have plain black leg pieces, and plain white torso pieces with yellow hands. Each player also has a yellow headpiece, with differing printing and hair piece combinations. The set that the team comes in, 3404 Black Team Bus, has a sticker sheet, where the torsos can be customised. The stickers for the front of the torso feature a national flag and a soccer ball, where the builder is able to choose to customise the team for Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia or the Czech Republic. The stickers for the back feature black numbers- 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10, with the goalkeeper being assigned the number 1 in the instructions.

Brown hair, moustache

This player has two black dot eyes and a smile, as well as a black moustache. He comes with a standard male hairpiece in brown.

Blonde hair

This player has blonde hair, and black printing on his face for dot eyes, a smile and eyebrows.

Black hair, moustache

Featuring a black hairpiece, this player has black printing for a smile, curly moustache, two eyes with eyebrows, sideburns, and printed hair at the top. The headpiece was most commonly used for the early variants of Johnny Thunder.

Brown hair

The second member of the team to have brown hair, this player has two black dot eyes and a smile.

Black hair

The final player on the team has large white eyes outlined in black and with black pupils, and black printing for a nose and a lopsided smile. Additionally, he has three brown freckles printed on each cheek. Black printing is also used at the top of the piece for spiked hair, changing the look of his overall hairstyle when combined with his standard black hairpiece.


The goalkeeper's uniform differs from the other players. He has plain black legs and a green torso with black hands, representing gloves. The goalkeeper's head piece is yellow, with black printing for two dot eyes and a smile. He also has a black hat as an accessory.


The Black team were a national team who were known to travel together on a bus to get to their matches.


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GoalkeeperBrown hair, moustacheBlonde hairBlack hair, moustacheBrown hairBlack hair

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