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3404 Black Team Bus

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Black Team Bus
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Black Team Player (Six)


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    Soccer / Football

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3404 Black Team Bus is a Soccer / Football set released in 2000.


The model included in this set is of a black and white bus, with three transparent blue windows on each side and a transparent blue windscreen and back window. Positioned below the windows, the bus has transparent yellow headlights and transparent red brake lights, and has black megaphone pieces on the roof for horns. It has four grey wheels with black tyres, mounted on dark grey axles. The centre of the bus has grey tiles on the bottom, but the inside of the bus is empty. The rear window is attached to an area on top of the roof, so that the bus can be opened from the back. This is so that a seating area built around a 2x16 plate can be slotted in to the bus from the back. The area is complete with a black steering wheel and white seat for the driver, and has room for five passengers.

The set also includes a football/soccer ball and six Black Team Player minifigures, one of them being the goalkeeper. It also includes a sticker sheet, with stickers for the bus and the minifigures. The stickers for roof of the bus and the back side windows, as well as for the front of the minifigure torso pieces feature a national flag and a soccer ball, where the builder is able to choose to customise the team for Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia or the Czech Republic. The other stickers are numbers for the backs of the minifigures.


The Black team were a national team who used a bus painted in their team colours to get to their matches. The bus was driven by the the team's goalkeeper.

Minifigures included[edit]

Black Team Player
Black Team Player
(Brown hair, moustache)
Black Team Player
(Blonde hair)
Black Team Player
(Black hair, moustache)
Black Team Player
(Brown hair)
Black Team Player
(Black hair)

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Item №3404 +
MinifiguresBlack Team Player (Six) +
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Released2000 +
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    Soccer / Football +
TitleBlack Team Bus +
Txt1Black Team Player
(Goalkeeper) +
Txt2Black Team Player
(Brown hair, moustache) +
Txt3Black Team Player
(Blonde hair) +
Txt4Black Team Player
(Black hair, moustache) +
Txt5Black Team Player
(Brown hair) +
Txt6Black Team Player
(Black hair) +
TypeSet +
USPrice$19.99 +