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Futuron was a subtheme of LEGO Space released between 1987 and 1990. The theme concerned a group of peaceful civilian space explorers that competed against the astronauts from Blacktron. Futuron astronauts largely reprised the colour scheme and logo of their predecessors from Classic Space. With more than 17 different sets, it was one of the larger Space factions.


Futuron used the same logo as the Classic Space astronauts.

Taking over from Classic Space and inheriting its white-and-blue colour scheme, "Futuron" depicted an austere yet bustling settlement on the surface of a planetary body, probably Earth's moon. Its minifigures came in many colours (red, blue, yellow and black) similar to Classic Space, but all shared the same uniform — a zipper crossing from hip to shoulder with colour on top and white below — as well as light blue-tinted helmet visors. Instead of a main ship, the theme centered around the 6990 Monorail Transport System, which featured a battery-powered train system and some twenty linear feet of track.

In promotional comics released in Scandinavia, Futuron were depicted as having a leader named Major White, A minifigure with a yellow Futuron torso but white legs, arms and helmet.[1]

The Minifigures of the first Space Police theme had the same torso pieces as black Futuron astronauts, but had different arms, legs and helmets.

Vehicles and Facilities[edit]

Futuron comprised two large ground-based installations, the Monorail Transport System, which was also the subtheme's biggest and most popular set, and a rocket launch base, but did not include many large spaceships. The biggest spacecraft was the Stardefender "200". Other notable ships include the Aero-Module and the Galactic Starship. All other spacecraft in the theme had less than 90 pieces. On the other hand, Futuron featured a relatively large number of ground vehicles, including four bigger trucks or rovers (Lunar Transporter Patroller, Crater Crawler, Interplanetary Rover and the Lunar MPV vehicle) and a piloted walker robot.

Many Classic Space sets of the years 1987 and 1988, such as the Polaris-I Space Lab and the Sonar Transmitting Cruiser are often mistaken as Futuron sets, due to the similar colourscheme, but they still included the old astronaut Minifigures.

Several Futuron sets in a catalog from 1988; from left to right: 6830 Space Patroller, 6875 Hovercraft, 6990 Monorail Transport System (train and base), 6953 Cosmic Laser Launcher (on the left: 6987 Message-Intercept Base from Blacktron)


  • In LEGO Universe, one of the shirts that can be found from random enemy drops on Crux Prime is a black Futuron shirt. However, it is slightly different from the original, in having a black triangle in the lower left area of the back of the shirt, in the style of recent minifigure torsos with printing on the front and back.


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