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Galidor was a theme only produced in 2002. It was based on Galidor, a CG-intensive, science-fiction television series broadcast on Fox Kids. Production of the show was partially funded by LEGO, which produced a line of sets to go along with it, all based on a simplified action-figure structure vaguely similar to BIONICLE, which had been introduced the previous year. Some small Galidor sets were given away in McDonald's Happy Meals.


Galidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension followed the adventures of Nicholas Bluetooth and his friend Allegra Zane, two teenagers who find themselves warped to Galidor, a world in the Outer Dimension which is being threatened by the evil Gorm. Nick and Allegra were brought there by the robot Jens, who sent a transdimensional pod to Earth to retrieve the prince of Galidor, hidden away from Gorm until he would be old enough to fight him. Once on Galidor, Nick discovers that he has the power to "glinch" - alter his limbs to copy those of anybody he meets, gaining any special abilities they have in the process, such as extendable claws or a powerful jump.


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Nicholas Bluetooth, an American teenager, is suffering from peculiar dreams, in which he sees fantastical creatures on an alien landscape, and a strange man.
One night, he is awoken from a dream, and discovers a strange object floating by his bed. It is a large metal ring, which creates a 3D projection of a map. Nicholas's friend, Allegra Zane, deciphers the map. It leads them to a sewer chamber, where they find a mysterious large vehicle. Nick goes in to investigate, Allegra following, and the craft takes off.
It lands in the strange landscape from Nick's dream, where they encounter a robot, Jens. Jens tells them that he sent the craft to find a great warrior, and accuses Nick of stealing it. While he repairs the ship, which suffered some damage upon landing, Nick and Allegra sleep. Nick dreams of a mysterious woman, who tells him to "follow his heart" to "defeat Gorm". He is then awakened by Allegra; a mysterious storm is blowing towards them. Jens states the the storm is actually Gorm. A giant projection of Gorm's head tries to capture Allegra, but she is saved by Nick, who somehow switches arms with Jens, allowing him to reach out and pull her inside the vehicle. Jens tells Nick that he has "glinched": Switched limbs with another entity. This means that Nick is the warrior Jens sought. They then proceed to fly off in the craft, to find Euripides, the former arch-philosopher of the royal court of Galidor; only he can lead them to Galidor.
While in-flight, Allegra tries to find out how to control the vehicle, to use it to return home. However, she almost kills Nick by opening an airlock, and crash-lands them. Fortunately, they had already reached their destination. The group leaves the vehicle, and Jens wonders where Euripides is. He determines that he must have gone to the top of a large rock formation, so the group sets off that way. While Allegra and Jens climb the formation, Nick is forced to return to the vehicle (which he dubs "The Egg"), to recover the Map. He is then accosted and dragged underground by an Aquart.


It was the "glinching" limb-switching ability that formed the core mechanic of the Galidor sets. Each set contained an action figure composed of about a dozen parts, connected by standard pins, typically at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Sets also included spare parts, with the idea being that figures can be customised, and mixed with each other.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 4040  Nick          
No image 4042  Jens          
No image 4043  Gorm          
No image 4044  Euripides          
No image 4045  Nepol          
No image 8310  Nick          
No image 8311  Gorm          
No image 8312  Jens          
No image 8313  Nick Deluxe          
No image 8314  Gorm Deluxe          
No image 8315  TDN Module          
No image 8316  Kek Powerizer          
No image 8317  Allegra          
No image 8318  Ooni          
No image 8319  Aquart          
No image 8320  Nepol          
No image 8321  Nepol and Shimmel          
No image 8322  Makarr          
No image 8324  Euripides          
No image 8325  Tager          
No image K8310  Galidor Defender Kit          
No image Postcard  - Galidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension - Nepol          
No image Sticker,  Galidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension          

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