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H.Q. Briefing

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H.Q. Briefing is number four in a series of stop-motion LEGO videos on promoting the Space Police III line.


It begins with a Space Police Officer riding his speeder patrolling the area outside the city. As he enters on his way to an important briefing at the Space Police Headquarters, he sees a crashed space taxi sitting, with something that appears to be a dead body lying next to it. Seeing the emergency, he states "The briefing will have to wait" and takes off his helmet. But seeing that it was a dummy, and a trap, he turns around to see Slizer stealing his helmet and his speeder. He sneaks in to the briefing with the other Space Police officers, and a Spyrius Droid with a Space Police I torso announcing the going-ons such as Kranxx being arrested as in Diner & Donuts, including the plans for the secret weaponry for the Max-Security Transport. But suddenly, the real officer barges in to stop Slizer, and ends it with the others chasing him inside the station.


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