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2001, 2003

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Hafu is a BIONICLE character, a selfish Po-Matoran carver who holds the honour of being Turaga Onewa's left hand. Though he is a minor character, he has appeared in two different sets.


Hafu is a Matoran villager who wears a black Ruru, the Noble Mask of Night Vision, and his two-toed feet match the colour. However, his body and apishly long arms are brick yellow. In his original set incarnation, Hafu had no articulation aside from being able to move his arms back and forth. Like the other early Matoran sets, he is also unable to hold any accessories aside from a disk which can be tossed by pulling his arm back.

The rebuilt version of Hafu is larger and is more articulated. His legs can be lifted, his arms have a full range of motion, and the ability to hold accessories, such as the included Kohlii Stick. By turning a gear on his back, his upper torso would also rotate separately from his waist. The Matoran from 2003 are rare instances of waist articulation in a Constraction set.


Hafu is a carver from Po-Metru, one of six districts of Metru Nui. Along with the rest of the Matoran population he is summoned by "Turaga Dume" (actually Teridax in disguise) to the Coliseum at the center of the city. The Vahki place the Matoran into Stasis Balls to erase their memories so Makuta Teridax could influence them after he puts the Great Spirit Mata Nui to sleep. The Toa Metru rescue the trapped Matoran and bring them to the tropical island of Mata Nui. When he is released from his sphere, Hafu and the other Matoran have had their memories erased and their forms diminished. Only the Toa Metru, who had given up their power and transformed into Turaga, recall their past on Metru Nui.

While living on Mata Nui, Hafu is once again a carver who sculpted the structures and statues outside of the village of Po-Koro. He is selected by Turaga Onewa to be his left hand. Though he takes great pride in his work, Hafu is also extremely vain. He later meets the Chronicler Takua and Onewa chooses him to become a member of the Chronicler's Company to assist Takua in defending the Toa Mata as they descend into the lair of Makuta, despite Rahi attacks approaching Po-Koro and the other villages. As the company travels towards the Kini-Nui, Hafu and the miner Taipu use their combined skills to clear a rock slide blocking the path. They then witness the Toa entering the Kini-Nui. Alongside Kopeke, Macku, Taipu, Tamaru, and Kapura, Hafu defends the temple until the numbers of Rahi become overwhelming, though they are rescued by the Ta-Koro Guard, Onu-Koro Ussalry, and Le-Koro Gukko Force.

The Chronicler's company, from left to right: Hafu, Kopeke, Kapura, Tamaru, Macku, and Taipu. Note the incorrect mask on Hafu.

Some time after returning to Po-Koro, the village soon comes under siege from a horde of Bohrok. Onewa confers with Hafu and Hewkii, and decides that to defend the village, they are going to have to knock over the statues Hafu made which line the only entrance. Hafu is dismayed that his work will have to be destroyed. Though Onewa and Hewkii were planning on creating a guard to desecrate the statues, Hafu sneaks out of the village and does it himself. From above, Onewa and Hewkii see a Tahnok overbearing the carver, who is swiftly rescued by Toa Pohatu. Despite Hafu's efforts, the Bohrok continue to attack and the Po-Matoran flee to Ga-Koro. Ga-Koro is attacked by hordes of Pahrak and the Boxors prove useless because of the water surrounding the village. Despite this, the Po- and Ga-Matoran, as well as Takua and Jaller make a stand against the much more powerful Bohrok and are able to hold their ground long enough for the Toa to defeat the Bahrag and disable the swarms. Using parts from the Bohrok, Hafu and the other Matoran are rebuilt into larger and stronger forms.

After the defeats of the Rahi, Bohrok, and Bohrok-Kal, the Turaga decree that the time of piece will be celebrated by a Kohlii tournament. Onewa selects Hafu to be Po-Koro's goalkeeper, while Hewkii is the forward. Po-Koro reaches the final match in Ta-Koro, and beat the home team, though they take second place to Ga-Koro. Along with the other Matoran of Mata Nui, Hafu then returns to his forgotten home on Metru Nui and begins to reconstruct it.

When Makuta reveals that the Matoran Universe is actually a giant robot which the Great Spirit had once controlled, but now he does, Hafu is forced by "Turaga" Ahkmou to build statues of Makuta. Hafu secretly meets with Macku and Kapura in the Onu-Metru archives where they meet the disgraced Toa Tuyet who promises to help them overthrow Teridax. Though the Matoran are suspicious of her, they do not clearly recall Vakama's stories of how she had betrayed Toa Lhikan. Hafu and Kapura then encounter Lewa in the archives, and also notice that he is acting strangely (his body having been taken control of by Tren Krom) and follow him to an area under the Coliseum where Mata Nui's spirit had once resided so that Tren Krom could get his revenge. There they meet Helryx, leader of the Order of Mata Nui, who is planning on destroying the city with a Nova Blast to take Makuta out of power, and suggests that Hafu and Kapura find their friends so that they can say goodbye. The two Matoran do not leave, and instead watch as Helryx, "Lewa," Axonn, Brutaka, and Miserix debate over whether or not Teridax should be kept alive when the being Arthaka arrives and halts fight from brewing. Arthaka returns Lewa into control of his body, and Teridax banishes Hafu, Kapura, Lewa, Helryx, Axonn, Brutaka, Mixerix, and Arthaka from the Matoran Universe, leaving them in outer space. Lewa is able to preserve them by creating air bubbles, and Vezon arrives to teleport them to the prison of an insane Great Being who wants the party to free him. The more powerful members of the group begin to debate, while Kapura realizes that the chamber's stones are alive and is grabbed by them.


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Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Mata Nui - Hafu Matoran villagers of Mata Nui live and work in six villages around the island.

Hafu is a master stone-carver. Some villagers - not the least of which is Hafu himself - call him the greatest craftsman that Mata Nui has ever known. He is a talented storyteller, but his favored topics tend to be his own genius and great achievements, and he will talk all day and night about his latest Kolhii feats. Hafu often attempts to outdo Hewkii, who tolerates his teammate's showmanship with good humor. The other Po-Koro Matoran are fond of their master carver and do their best to ignore his arrogance.

The Matoran joined the Toa and Turaga to journey to the city of Metru Nui.

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