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Hero Creator

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Hero Creator is a LEGO Hero Factory game released at the same time as Mission: Von Nebula. you can use your heros in Mission: Von Nebula.

Building Heroes[edit]

The first step of building a hero is by choosing a helmet. The choice is between any of the six hero helmets. All of them have different postures.
The next step is the body. Four bodies, Stormer's, Stringer's, Bulk's, and Furno's, are in the pallet.
Then, you choose the weapon(s). Any of the six hero weapons are available.
The last step is to colour the hero.


  • When the player chooses bodies, Dunkan Bulk's and Jimi Stringer's are switched, so when you bring Dunkan Bulk's body in, it turns out to be actually Jimi Stringer's and vice versa.

External links[edit]

  • Build a Hero: Build a Hero is the second Hero Factory game.
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