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Julius Nex

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Julius Nex
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Hero Factory




Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Tiger Claw
Laser Cutter
Plasma Shooter
Hero Cuffs


2011 - 2012

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Brains beats brawn any day!
―Julius Nex

Julius "The Tech-head" Nex is a Hero Factory character who was introduced in the Ordeal of Fire story-arc. He made two further appearances in Savage Planet and Breakout.


In his original 2.0 form, Nex used orange as a primary colour, white for secondary, and green for accents. In his 3.0 form, the white was replaced with silver, but returned with his Breakout figure. On both subsequent figures, the green became less prominent, but remained nonetheless.

Like all heroes, Nex has carried a variety of weapons including claws, shields, and lasers.


Julius Nex and Nathan Evo were the first heroes built in the 2.0 style. Because of their upgrades, Nex and Evo were sent to Tanker Station 22 to defeat Fire Lord and his henchmen, who had easily disposed of heroes using the original style. Nex and Evo successfully bested Nitroblast.

Nex was one of the heroes later granted a 3.0 upgrade and sabre-tooth tiger themed gear outfitted to find and rescue Daniel Rocka in the planet Quatros' jungles.

After a mass breakout from the Hero Factory, Nex was dispatched alone to track down and recapture the cyborg XT4. His mission was successful.

In the aftermath of Makuhero City's attack by mind-controlling brains, Nex and the other members of Alpha 1 Team traveled to the city of Tranquis VII to weed out the brains that had attacked it.


  • Julius Nex and Jimi Stringer are the only protagonists who have not been converted to Minifigure scale for 2014's Invasion from Below sets. Similarly, neither had a Brain Attack figure released.
  • In the preliminary Ordeal of Fire sets, Nex was the yellow hero, while Evo was orange. Their names were switched before release, but this has led to some confusion over which traits and attributes described in their biographies belong to which character.
  • Before the names Nex and Evo applied to any character, the orange one was named Mac Brainy.[1]

Gallery of Variants[edit]

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In other media
  • Hero Factory Comics
  • Issue Five "Ordeal of Fire"
  • Issues Six and Seven "Savage Planet"
  • Television Specials
  • "Ordeal of Fire"
  • "Savage Planet"
  • "Breakout"
  • Secret Mission Books
  • Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box
  • Secret Mission 4: Robot Rampage
  • Online Games


  1. Preliminary image, names of heroes are listed in the top right corner
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Tiger Claw
Laser Cutter
Plasma Shooter
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