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This article or section contains information regarding scheduled, forthcoming or expected future place(s).
The content may change as the opening approaches and more information becomes available.

Dubailand, Dubai[1]


Merlin Entertainments/Tatweer[2]


3,000,000 Square feet [1]

LEGOLAND Dubai is a LEGOLAND themed park that was scheduled to open in 2011. It has since been delayed. It will be a 3 million square-foot park forming part of DUBAILAND, a large ambitious tourism, leisure and entertainment destination.[1] The project was planned to cost around AED912m (US $248.28 million).[2]

It was delayed due to the economic situation in the region, however, Merlin has said it is committed to building a park in Dubai.[2]

LEGO press release[edit]

Similar to the existing four parks, LEGOLAND Dubailand is going to offer families LEGO experiences with its mix of kid-powered rides, cool building challenges, spectacular LEGO models, interactive attractions, family-friendly coasters, and shows that pull the audience into the action – all in all more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions geared towards families with children ages two through tweleve.


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