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LEGO Mascot

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The first LEGO mascot from 1954.

The first LEGO Mascot was a cartoon figure designed in 1954.


The second version of the mascot was a brickbuilt figure.

Unlike his father, who packaged his wooden toys in brown wrapping paper or plain cardboard boxes, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen believed in proper marketing and advertising. In 1958 he hired Helge Torpe as the marketing director and in 1959 they opened a photography department. It was Helge who became responsible for the increasingly sophisticated graphics and displays, as well as a much more comprehensive approach to marketing. In 1960 he completely revamped the promotional materials for the company. The cartoon-like LEGO mascot, dating back to 1954, was replaced by a new robot-like mascot made, appropriately, from LEGO Bricks. The mascots were used in all of LEGO marketing including boxes, idea books, and advertisements.


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