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LEGO Mursten

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LEGO Mursten
700 6 1952 2nd of 3 box design 1952 to 55.jpg


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Automatic Binding Brick

In 1952, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen decided that they needed a more descriptive name and he added the phrase LEGO Mursten (LEGO bricks) to the boxes, and in 1953 the sets were renamed simply LEGO Mursten. From this point on the brand name LEGO is printed inside all bricks. The original Automatic Binding Bricks continued to be manufactured under the LEGO Mursten theme.

Box Art[edit]

The upper image was the 1953-1955 LEGO Mursten design for smaller boxes only. The lower image was the 1953-1955 LEGO Mursten design for larger boxes.
Lego Mursten box.JPG

Sets Included[edit]




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