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Light Up Minifigure Tool

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Light Up Minifigure Tool
Light-up lightsaber.png

Star Wars

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Light Up Minifigure Tool is a Brick or Minifigure with a light and electrical wiring in it, to give it "light". The Light Up Minifigure Tool was released with themes BIONICLE, City, and Star Wars.


Star Wars[edit]

Newer minifigures have special features that can light-up, similar to lightsabers and flashlights. By pressing down on the minifigure's head, their light brick (which is used as a lightsaber handle, in the Star Wars theme, and is one piece with the hand and arm) lights up. While this adds a new feature to the figure, they cannot come apart into as many pieces, which could discourage those who wish to customize them. The top of their heads can come off, to reveal on the inside a battery. However, it is not especially easy to do so and can damage the figure. Their heads can also come off as usual, but it is not suggested, as the heads connect to the body where the electrical wiring travels to the arm.


The Toa Inika and the Piraka had light-up tools.


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