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List of LEGO Abbreviations

From Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki

This is an incomplete list of LEGO-specific abbreviations. Many of these are unofficial.

  • ABB - Automatic Binding Brick
  • ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • ADU - Armored Drilling Unit, Aerial Defense Unit, Alien Defense Unit
  • AFOL - Adult Fan Of LEGO
  • ALE - Adult LEGO Enthusiast, synonymous to AFOL
  • ATT - All Terrain Trapper
  • ATV - All Terrain Vehicle
  • Bley - A blueish-grey color
  • BOLOC : Built Of Lots Of Colours - a model made up of parts in various colours
  • BURP - Big Ugly Rock Piece, referring to Part:6082
  • Dio - Diorama
  • DX - Dragon eXtreme, a type of character from Ninjago
  • FOL - Fan Of LEGO, denoting a LEGO lover of any ge
  • KFOL - Kid Fan Of LEGO
  • KIC - Kids Inner Circle, a group of LEGO fans under the age of 14 that test out new LEGO products
  • LDD - LEGO Digital Designer
  • LU - LEGO Universe
  • LUG - LEGO Users Group
  • MBA - Master Builder Academy
  • MLN - My LEGO Network
  • MOC - My Own Creation, a fan-made LEGO model
  • POOP - Parts which can be made Out of Other Parts
  • S@H - LEGO Shop at Home, the official online LEGO store
  • SNIR - Studs Not In a Row, an advanced building technique that uses diagonally oriented bricks
  • SNOT - Studs Not On Top, an advanced building technique in which studs face different directions
  • SHIP - Significantly Huge Investment in Parts, a very large LEGO creation
  • SPUA - Special Part Used Again, a part which is seemingly only for a particular set or theme, but is used again for another
  • STAMP - STickers Across Multiple Parts, a sticker-placement technique
  • TFOL - Teenage Fan Of LEGO
  • TLC - The LEGO Company, synonymous to TLG.
  • TLG - The LEGO Group
  • UCS - The Ultimate Collector's Series of sets
  • Vig - Vignette, a small scene built on a 6 by 6, 8 by 8 (most common), or 16 by 16 baseplate
  • WIP- Work In Progress
  • YFOL - Young Fan Of LEGO, synonymous to KFOL
  • ZX - Zen eXtreme, similar to DX but different outfit (See Ninjago)