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Castle / Dragon Masters


see Wizard


Pointed hat, magic wand, magic scroll


1993 - 1995

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Majisto, alternately named Cerlin, is a wizard that appeared in various sets of the Dragon Masters theme. He owned a bird. Besides most of the Dragon Masters sets, Majisto also appeared on a Royal Knights poster, as well as LEGO Island 2 GBC and LEGO Racers.


Majisto was the first physical minifigure depicting a wizard, and as such introduced several new LEGO elements, such as the beard, the pointed hat and a glow-in-the-dark magic wand with a star-shaped tip.

Majisto's torso piece was a blue coloured variant of the Forestmen leader's green shirt with the black belt and the small (money) bag. On his back he would typically wear a short black cape. His standard smiley face head was accompanied by the new beard piece and the new pointed hat, colored in blue.


  • Majisto can be built as a playable character in LEGO Racers, though due to the lack of neck pieces in the game his beard is not available.
  • Majisto also appeared In the Game Boy Color version of LEGO Island 2 in the Dark Forest area, where he helped Pepper Roni subdue two guards by turning them into frogs, as well as teleporting Pepper back to LEGO Island afterwards. He is also featured on one of the game's collector cards. His card (#19) is among the game's rare cards, and it can only be acquired at one of three locations in the whole game.