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Piraka Combiner: Reidak Zaktan

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The official name of this combiner model is not known.
Although this article is based on an official combiner model confirmed to exist, the name of the article is merely a conjecture.
Piraka Combiner
Piraka Combiner Zaktan Reidak.PNG
Required sets:

8900 Reidak
8903 Zaktan

Year introduced:




This Piraka Combiner is one of the three unnamed BIONICLE combiner sets introduced in 2006, which are built using two Piraka sets. This model can be built using the parts of 8900 Reidak and 8903 Zaktan, its instructions were split in the instructions of these two sets. They can also be found on as a download. This combiner model has never appeared in the storyline.

Sets Needed[edit]