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This article is about the character. For the wood toy of the same character, see Wooden Pluto.
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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse & Friends




2000, 2013

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Pluto is a character from the Mickey Mouse theme. He was later brought back in the 2013 theme, Mickey Mouse & Friends.


There are 2 different variations of Pluto, the first released in the 2000 theme, Mickey Mouse, he was released later in the 2013 theme Mickey Mouse & Friends.

2000 variation[edit]

Pluto is an orange dog which is 5 studs long. He has black ears, a black tail, a black collar and a black nose. His mouth is open and his tongue is shown. Pluto has white eyes with black pupils.

2013 variation[edit]

Pluto was released again in 2013, this time as a character brick. In this variation he is a yellow curved DUPLO brick with a printed picture of his face on it. Underneath is a plain yellow 2x2 Duplo brick.


Pluto is Mickey Mouse's pet dog and good friend. Pluto is a well-trained dog. Like his master Mickey he can be a bit clumsy. Pluto is extremely loyal mainly to Mickey, but sometimes to other people such as Goofy. He shows a strong disliking towards cats, mainly because he wants Minnie Mouse's affection when she gives it to her cat Fiagro. Pluto has a powerful sense of smell. He can always find Chip & Dale for Donald Duck as they both dislike Chip and Dale for always pulling pranks on them.

Gallery of Variations[edit]

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FigureAs DUPLO bricks