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Policeman Clock and Watch Bundle

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Policeman Clock and Watch Bundle

Police Officer


UK £29.99



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Policeman Clock and Watch Bundle is a LEGO City product containing a bundle of a policeman clock, a minifigure, and a watch. It contains 9002274 Policeman Minifigure Clock and 4291329 Policeman Watch.


Policeman Clock

The clock is shaped like a minifigure, with the digital clock display on the lower half of the body, which covers up the police badge. The policeman is wearing a black suit with a white under-shirt and a blue tie, as well as a larger rendition of the classic LEGO City policeman hat. The major difference is that the front of the hat has the police sign, the LEGO brick in a golden shape.

Policeman Watch

The watch is made up of many different segments so to be customisable for people's wrists. The links are mainly blue and white, but black plays a part, and there are two red links included. The plastic around the face of the watch is blue, with a grey part below it.

Policeman Minifigure

The police officer included is the standard version of a LEGO City policeman, with white hat, black suit and blue tie, as well as the classic smiling City face with brown eyebrows.

Minifigures included[edit]

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