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Review:7050 Alien Defender/CzechMate

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Good set[edit]

I got this one along with the Alien Striker set, and both of these together are great.

The minifigures[edit]

Two figs, one ADU, one Alien.


Pretty nice face prints, which I think are reused in the 2012 City sets. I don't see why he's wearing vision glasses if he has a helmet... Anyways, nice fig.


Some nice printing, and great leg printing. The head mold is pretty awesome, with the brain bulging out. Cool laser pistol, too.

The Set[edit]

The ADU Car

Pretty cool, and a nice turrent-y/full blast gun there, and some great detail. The flicks are OK, but I do not want them.

The alien ship

Really small, but very well made, I think it is easily customisable with other pieces.


I like this set, and another army builder set.

- Cz

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