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Royal Knight

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Royal Knight
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Royal Knights



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The Royal Knight is a Royal Knights minifigure introduced in 1995. He is a member of the Castle theme.


The Royal Knight is a member of the Royal Knights faction in the Castle theme. As such, his colourscheme is red, blue and white. The Knight has blue legs, with a black upper section. His shirt is red, and his arms are white. His hands are bare yellow. On his shirt, the Knight feature printing, showing the Royal Knights' emblem, that of a shield-shaped blue outlining, with white and red being shown on each half of the symbol. A lion's head, with a crown, is printed over that. The Knight's head is yellow, and contains printing suggesting elements such as a large black mustache, stubble, a smiling mouth, pupil-less eyes, and shaggy hair on his hairline. On top of that is a grey helmet.