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In game characters[edit]

Ace the Bat-Hound[edit]

Ace is a dog adopted by Batman who occasionally helps him fight crime.

Adam West[edit]

Adam West is an actor famous for his portrayal of Batman in Batman, a campy live action TV series which ran from 1966-1968, as well as a spinoff movie.

Adam West voices both himself, Gray Ghost, and the Batman variant based on his time as the Caped Crusader.


Alfred is a former stage actor and member of the English military. He has since become a butler for the Waynes, a family tradition, and raised Bruce Wayne when Thomas and Martha were killed in Crime Alley. Though it pains him to see what his master puts himself through, Alfred is a loyal friend and confidante to Batman and the other heroes of the DC Universe.


Ambush Bug[edit]

To protect his wardrobe from being destroyed with the death of his planet, Brum-El casts it out into space. It is intercepted by a space spider and only two articles of clothing survive: A green bodysuit that resembles a bug, and gaudy sock. The bodysuit grafted itself to the body of a mentally unstable man, turning him into Ambush Bug. Ambush Bug initially to become a villain, but he later reforms and the owner of the sock, Argh!Yle!, becomes his arch nemesis.


Arkillo is the Sinestro Corps drill sergeant and a rival of Green Lantern Kilowog.

Arkillo is a big fig and able to fly.


Arthur Curry's mother is the Queen of Atlantis, but his father is a human lighthouse keeper. Though his mixed DNA makes Aquaman more powerful than Atlanteans and most metahumans, and his abilities are further augmented by his magical trident. He seeks to keep lasting peace between the surface and undersea worlds, but neither one of them wants him. Aquaman is a founding member of the Justice League and the current king of Atlantis, having taken the throne from his half brother Orm.

Aquaman is voiced by Scott Porter.


When he discovered that using white dwarf star matter allowed him to shrink, Dr. Ray Palmer decided not to use his find for fame or glory, but to secretly become a superhero that could help his attorney girlfriend, Jean Loring, investigate, prosecute, and defend the accused, hoping that by lowering her workload, Jean would finally agree to marry him. Atom found that he enjoyed being a superhero, and was inducted into the Justice League.

In-game, Atom is able to shrink to a smaller size than other characters.


Atros is one of the last surviving inhabitants of a space sector which was ravaged by the Manhunters. Atros renamed himself Atrocitus and became the leader of the Red Lanterns, a corps powered by rage, having sworn revenge on the Guardians of the Universe.


Bane is raised in Peña Dura prison, forced to serve his father's life sentence. Bane shapes himself in mind and body to survive the harsh conditions, eventually becoming ruler of the prison. In an attempt to get rid of him, the warden tries to poison Bane with the experimental drug Venom, but instead the dosage does its intended purpose and increases his strength greatly. Escaping the prison, Bane goes to Gotham City to challenge Batman and prove himself by successfully snapping the Dark Knight's back.

Bane is able to transform from a regular sized minifigure into a "venom-powered" big fig.


When Bane is hooked up to Venom, his already impressive stature and strength grow even more. However, Venom is extremely addictive and Bane struggles to overcome this.


Bat-Cow was a cow earmarked for slaughter with a star branded on her side. After being rescued by Batman and Robin, Damian declared her Bat-Cow and she has become a crime fighter of her own since.


Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon. Though her father disallows her to enter the police force, Barbara resolves to fight crime anyway. Being inspired by Batman and Black Canary, she becomes Batgirl and has become a staple and mentor to the Bat-family and Birds of Prey since.


After the Penguin kidnaps Barbara Gordon and threatens to marry her so the police will cover up his criminal records, Barbara escapes from his apartment and returns in a purple costume as Batgirl. Nobody knows Barbara's true identity except for Alfred, who is her confidante as well as Batman and Robin's.


Bruce Wayne is the heir to Wayne Enterprises and his parents' extensive fortunes, which he inherits early when they are shot in front of him. Vowing to protect people from suffering the same fate as himself, Bruce dedicates his money, mind, and body to becoming Batman, the caped crusader, who protects Gotham City from criminals such as the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Two-Face. Though the Batman was originally believed to be a human myth, the public soon learned of his existence when he came to the forefront of the superhero community as a founding member of the Justice League and mentor to many other heroes.

Batman is voiced by Troy Baker, who reprises his role from LEGO Batman 2.


Batman is a cheeky superhero who, along with his sidekick Robin, protects Gotham City from villains such as Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, King Tut, and Egghead. This variant is voiced by Adam West instead of Troy Baker.

Bruce Wayne[edit]

In his alter ego of Bruce Wayne, Batman is a brilliant businessman, but a shameless playboy and womanizer.

Darkest Knight[edit]

On an alternate Earth, the power ring designated for Sector 2814 does not select Hal Jordan, but Bruce Wayne.


Tlano is a scientist from the Planet of Zur-En-Arrh who bears a suspicious, but much more colourful, resemblance to the Batman of Earth.

Super suits[edit]


Bat-Mite is a dimension traveling imp and Batman's self-proclaimed biggest fan. He uses his reality warping powers to put his idol in new situations and gawk as he overcomes them.

Beast Boy[edit]

Garfield Logan is a member of the Teen Titans who is able to shapeshift into any animal, with the side effect of them being coloured green.

In game Beast Boy can transform into a gorilla big fig and a bird, which can fly.

Black Adam[edit]

Teth-Adam was once the champion of the Wizard and was granted the powers of Egyptian gods. However, Adam became corrupted by his power and was locked away in a tomb. Centuries later, an enraged Adam is freed and seeks retribution for his punishment by attacking the Wizard's new champion, Billy Batson.

Black Adam's abilities include flight.

Black Canary[edit]

Dinah Lance is a superheroine infiltrator who uses her mastery of martial arts and, in dire situations, her super sonic "canary cry." Black Canary is a core member of the Birds of Prey and has served as a central member of the Justice League.

Black Canary is able to emit her canary cry in game and is also capable of jumping higher than most characters.

Black Hand[edit]

Black Manta[edit]

Black Manta is an unidentified terrorist active underwater with a grudge against Aquaman, who killed his father.


Bleez was one an angelic being, but after being abused by the Sinestro Corps a red power ring transformed her into a bat-like Red Lantern.

In-game Bleeze can fly and project rage plasma.

Blue Beetle[edit]

After the death of Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle, a piece of alien technology resembling a scarab grafted itself to Texan teenager Jaime Reye's back, giving him a myriad of powers.

Booster Gold[edit]

Michael Jon Carter is a disgraced athlete from the 25th century who travels back in time. Using futuristic technology, he becomes the fame seeking hero Booster Gold.


Brainiac is a rogue AI who is dedicated to extracting all knowledge from a planet before destroying it, though he does salvage a city from each world he destroys so that he can continue to study it. He has become a recurring foe of Superman and the Justice League.

Brainiac is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He has mind control abilities.

Brainiac Drone[edit]

Bronze Tiger[edit]

Ben Turner is a martial artist who refuses to join the League of Assassins. Determined for Ben to join their ranks, they brainwash him and kill his fiance. As Bronze Tiger, Ben eventually regains control of himself and is redeemed during his time with the Suicide Squad.

Captain Cold[edit]


Selina Kyle lived on the streets before she caught a glimpse of the Batman and decides to hide her own identity in a costume. Catwoman straddles the line between hero and villain, though she is a thief, she often steals from the corrupt and has been a valuable ally to Batman in the past. Catwoman is also briefly a member of the Justice League of America.


Catwoman is a burglar who plots to steal any jewels, gold, or artifacts that make their way through Gotham City. She is attracted to Batman and has a rivalry with Batgirl.

The New 52[edit]


Barbara Minerva is a woman who was cursed by a god to become its avatar. Being too unholy for the power, it corrupted Minerva, transforming her into the monstrous and evil Cheetah. Once a friend of Wonder Woman, Cheetah is now among her archenemies, though Diana wishes to reach out to her friend.


Composite Superman[edit]

The Composite Superman is a villain who looks like Superman on his right and Batman on his left.

Conan O'Brien[edit]

Conan O'Brien is a television host and comedian best known for hosting several late night talk shows.

Condiment King[edit]

Condiment King is a demented villain who attempts to do harm by spraying others with ketchup and mustard, though has been observed, his methods are only dangerous if a victim happens to be allergic.


Football player Victor Stone has a strained relationship with his father Silas until a terrible accident damages Victor's body. To save his son, Silas implements experimental and alien technology into his son, turning him into a cyborg. Terrified by his new form, Victor runs away but finds solace among earth's heroes and becomes a member of the Justice League.

Super suits[edit]

Cyborg Superman[edit]

Hank Henshaw is mutated during a space voyage. Returning to Earth, Hank is able to save himself and his wife by transferring their consciousnesses into the LexCorp mainframe. Creating a robotic body for himself, he appears to his wife, who is horrified. Hank leaves Earth and begins to use his new form to explore the universe, collecting pieces from various cultures and planets to improve his form as he goes. While on his journey, he decides that Superman is to blame for his accident. Returning to Earth, the "Cyborg Superman" attempts to usurp the missing Man of Steel before he is revealed as a villain.


While trying to prevent his older brother Eddie from committing patricide, Floyd Lawton missed a shot and accidentally killed his brother, leaving his father to live. As an adult, Floyd becomes an assassin with a death wish, though he hopes that whenever he dies, it does so spectacularly. Deadshot is a member of the Suicide Squad and an enemy of Batman. He respects his enemy and even looks to him as a surrogate for his older brother.

Deadshot carries a pair of specialized guns in-game.


Slade Wilson is a former super-soldier turned family man who lives a double-life as a mercenary. After his life as an assassin intertwines with his personal life and his son Joe is put in danger, Slade's wife learns of his escapades and shoots his eye. Further tragedy comes when his other son Grant decides to follow in his father's footsteps and dies in the process. Deathstroke blames the Teen Titans for his family falling apart and betraying him, and he harbours a special hatred for Nightwing. Deathstroke is also a rival of Batman and Green Arrow, and has served with the Suicide Squad.

Detective Chimp[edit]

Bobo is chimpanzee who solves "mysteries" as part of a traveling act. After drinking from the fountain of youth and gaining super intelligence, he becomes a real detective.


Dexter is a house cat who is transformed into a Red Lantern after his owner is killed during a burglary. Using his new found power, Dexter gains limited speech and kills the criminals. Rechristened Dex-Starr, he is loyal to Atrocitus.

Dr. Fate[edit]

Dr. Fate is a mantle used by the man or woman in possession of the Helmet of Fate. It allows them to channel the power of Nabu and become the most powerful mage in the DC Universe.


Doomsday is a Kryptonian monster unleashed on a rampage, defeating all heroes he comes into contact with until he is faced with Superman. The two appear to be equals, and their battle ends with both dying, though both of them would later return to life.


Jason Blood is a mage who is seduced by Morgaine Le Faye and manipulated into betraying Camelot to her forces. The city is destroyed, and Merlin curses Jason by giving him immortality and bonding the demon Etrigan to his soul until he is able to track down and defeat Morgaine. Jason is still on his search in present day and has been an ally to many heroes, but when he transforms into Etrigan, he is also sometimes a foe.

Etrigan is depicted as a big figure.


Garfield Lynns is a pyromaniac with a costume that grants him additional abilities.

In-game Firefly can fly and blast fire with his flamethrowers.



Barry Allen is a police scientist who is doused with chemicals and then shocked by lightning. After recovering, he discovers that he has super speed and applies his new abilities to protecting Central City from the likes of Gorilla Grodd and the Rogues. He is a founding member of the Justice League and Hal Jordan's best friend.

Flash is able to move faster than other characters, activate special switches that require his speed, and target objects which he can take pieces from and exclusively build.


Frankenstein is a zombie grafted by parts from various dead corpses. Believed dead for years, Frankenstein made his way to America where his existence is unknown for years. He is drafted into the secret government organization of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive (SHADE).

Geoff Johns[edit]


Giganta is an enemy of Wonder Woman who can alter her size between that of a normal woman and a giantess. The same ability is represented in-game and Giganta can grow to a size even larger than a big figure.

Gorilla Grodd[edit]

Grodd is a super intelligent gorilla from a hidden society of similar beings in Africa. Grodd is a powerful telepath and wants to exert his authority over "lesser mammals," including humans and other advanced gorillas. This has made him an enemy of the Flash and the Justice League.

Gray Ghost[edit]

Simon Trent is an actor who played the role of a superhero named the Gray Ghost when Bruce Wayne was a child. Now he has difficulty finding work because no casters believe he has more skill as an actor than what he portrayed on the show. This changes when Batman receives his help in a case involving a villain inspired by the show and interest in the Gray Ghost is renewed.

Gray Ghost is voiced by Adam West, who also portrayed (and inspired) the character for Batman: The Aniamted Series.

Green Arrow[edit]

Oliver Queen is a playboy who transforms into a skilled archer and marksman after spending time stranded on a tropical island. Returning to his home city, Ollie decides to take up vigilantism and protect the weak as Green Arrow, a modern day pastiche of Robin Hood.

Green Arrow's costume is based on his appearance in The New 52 and he carries a bow. Stephen Amell voices Green Arrow, reprising his role from the live action Arrow TV series.

Green Lantern[edit]

Test pilot Hal Jordan is selected for induction into the Green Lantern Corps and granted a myriad of abilities by a green power ring fueled by his willpower. Aside from allowing Green Lantern to fly in deep space, translate alien languages, and fire energy blasts, it is also able to create virtually anything that Hal can imagine. Green Lantern is a founding member of the Justice League, though his duties with the Green Lantern Corps often take him far away from Earth.

In-game Green Lantern can fly and fire blasts from his ring. Josh Keaton returns to voice Hal Jordan from the cancelled Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Green Loontern[edit]

Duck Dodgers (a persona of Daffy Duck) is a hero from the 24½th century. He briefly becomes Green Lantern after a mix up at the dry cleaner.

Harley Quinn[edit]

Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a psychologist interning at Arkham Asylum when she meets the Joker. Joker weaves a tragic tale of his past over their visits which causes the inexperienced Harleen to feel pity for him, and then love. Harleen helps Joker to escape until she is discovered and has her license revoked. Stealing a costume, Harleen reinvents herself as Harley Quinn, the Joker's sidekick and on-again off-again girlfriend.



Hawkman has lived dozens of lives, beginning with the Egyptian prince Khufu. After he and his lover Chay-Ara are murdered with a cursed dagger, they and their assassin are sent into a cycle of reincarnation with Khufu and Chay-Ara finding love in each other before they are killed again. Wielding alien technology moulded into archaic weapons and a pair of wings, the Hawkman mantle has been utilized by Khufu's two most recent reincarnations, an alien police officer (Katar Hol) and an archaeologist (Carter Hall).

Heat Wave[edit]


Iroque is the nemesis of Green Lantern's predecessor, Abin Sur. Abin reforms her by forging an indigo power staff which causes Iroque to feel deep compassion for others. She becomes the leader of the Indigo Tribe.

Jim Lee[edit]

John Stewart[edit]

John Stewart is a former US marine turned architect who is recruited into the Green Lantern Corps as Hal Jordan's backup. Responsible for the destruction of the alien world of Xanshi, John struggles with balancing his destructive past with his present as a creator.


Nobody is entirely sure of what the Joker's past is, though it is commonly believed that he was a minor criminal called the Red Hood who turned to crime as a way to support his family. However, he fell into a vat of chemicals when Batman arrived during a heist at Ace Chemicals. The chemicals dyed Joker's hair green, his skin white, and stretched his mouth into a permanent smile. His deformed appearance combined with a report that his family had died drove the clown insane and he decided that life was only a joke and to prove it to the brooding Batman.

Joker is voiced by Christopher Corey Smith. He is able to gain special abilities by changing his suit via a suit wheel (see below).


Joker is the craziest of all of the villains that inhabit Gotham City. He is manipulative and centers his crimes around comedy.

Super suits[edit]

Joker henchman[edit]

Kevin Smith[edit]

Kid Flash[edit]

Killer Croc[edit]

Waylon Jones is a man with a strange metahuman deformity that gives him a reptilian appearance and powers. In his youth, he became a gator wrestler, but now he seeks to reprimand those who would extort "freaks" like him.

Killer Moth[edit]


Kilowog is the Green Lantern Corps drill sergeant and a close friend of Hal Jordan.

Krypto the Superdog[edit]

Krypto is the El family's pet dog on Krypton. Jor-El uses him as a test subject before sending Kal-El to Earth. Under a yellow sun and in Earth's atmosphere, Krypto obtains enhanced senses and super powers.

Krypto is able to fly.

Kyle Rayner[edit]


Larfleeze is the sole Orange Lantern. He has a power ring that is fueled by avarice, and as such hoards the other orange rings.

Lex Luthor[edit]

Alexander Luthor is a self-made businessman who believes that with the emergence of superheroes, especially the alien Superman, that the age of pure human achievement (and humanity's reliance on him) is threatened. Lex uses his brilliant mind and manipulative charm in a plight to not only detain the Man of Steel, but make himself look like a hero for doing it. Lex soon becomes so obsessed that he quickly turns to villainy and not only using super villains as henchmen, but working alongside them and getting his own hands dirty.

Clancy Brown reprises his role as Lex Luthor from Superman: The Animated Series and LEGO Batman 2. He is able to cycle through different abilities by switching through super suits that he collects.

Super suits[edit]



Mad Hatter[edit]

Jervis Tetch is a psychopath who believes himself to be a living incarnation of the Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


The original Man-Bat is created when Doctor Kirk Langstrom attempts to cure his growing deafness with a serum based on bats' echolocation, but is instead transformed into a were-bat. Though he becomes addicted to the serum and is unable to control the beast, Langstrom attempts to use the monster for good when he can, but the formula has since fallen into the hand of other villains and more Man-Bats surface from time to time.

Manchester Black[edit]

An abused child, the boy who will become Manchester Black grows up to despise people with strong morals and a patronizing attitude towards people like him. Black leads a team called the Elite which became popular for killing criminals, which in turn causes the public opinion of Superman to wane. This leads to a showdown where Superman tricks Manchester Black into believing the other members of the Elite have died and that Black has lost his powers. Realizing the horror of what he has been doing, Black repents, but swears revenge on Superman.

Martian Manhunter[edit]

J'onn J'onzz is one of the last surviving green martians, a peaceful race that is eradicated when his banished twin brother Ma'alefa'ak commits genocide. J'onn wanders the barren desert for years before he is teleported to earth. Realizing that he has been gifted with a chance at a new life, J'onn reinvents himself as Detective John Jones and uses his extensive cadre of powers to disguise himself as men, women, and animals that are killed so that their loved ones do not have to feel his loss. Eventually, inspired by Superman's example, J'onn creates an identity of his own, the Martian Manhunter, a crucial member of the Justice League.

Martian Manhunter's known abilities are flight and the ability to transform into a big figure.


Miss Martian[edit]

A member of the belligerent white martians, M'gann M'orzz rejects the warlike way of her people and comes to Earth to be a hero, lying that she is a green martian and the niece of J'onn J'onzz. Though her lie is eventually discovered, the Teen Titans accept her anyway and J'onn gives her his blessing to use the appearance of the green martians.

Mr. Freeze[edit]

Mr. Mxyzptlk[edit]

Mr. Mxyzptlk is a mischievous imp from the same dimension as Bat-Mite who uses his vast power to test Superman. He can only be defeated by tricking him into saying his name backwards.

He is able to fly and create magic blasts that are capable of doing damage to Superman.

Music Meister[edit]

The Music Meister is a villain who can control others by forcing them to dance.


Dick Grayson is the son of circus acrobats John and Mary Grayson. Though he believes that he will follow in their footsteps, they are killed when the circus refuses to pay for protection from a mob. Dick is adopted by Bruce Wayne, and becomes his first sidekick, Robin. Later in life, Dick joins the Teen Titans and changes his codename to Nightwing. He has also served as Batman, before returning to the Nightwing mantle.


When the Crime Syndicate invades the prime universe and captures the Justice League, Nightwing resists them but he is captured and unmasked in front of cameras. With his secret identity blown, Dick's death is faked with only Batman, Catwoman, and Lex Luthor knowing the truth. Dick abandons the Nightwing identity and Batman convinces him to become a secret agent with the task of infiltrating Spyral.

Grayson carries a gun in-game.




Penguin's father died from pneumonia and his overbearing mother forced him to carry an umbrella at all times to protect him from the rain. In addition to his rotund stature and elongated nose, Penguin is bullied by the other children. As an adult, he attempts to prove himself as being a capable adversary by hiding weapons in umbrellas and becoming one of Gotham City's most powerful crime bosses as the "gentleman of crime."


Plastic Man[edit]

Patrick "The Eel" O'Brian is a criminal who is abandoned by his gang after he is shot and falls into a vat of chemicals. Eel survives and gains elasticity powers, which go unnoticed until he realizes that he is the monster people are afraid of. He originally intends to use his abilities for crime, but he then wonders if there may be more profit in being good, and flips a coin to decide. It lands on "good" and he becomes a private detective, and later a member of the Justice League.

In-game Plastic Man can transform into a "space hopper" or an airplane, which can fly. A physical Plastic Man minifigure is included when the game is pre-ordered from GameStop.


Poison Ivy[edit]

Pamela Isely was a shy girl who is betrayed by her professor and poisoned. She survives by developing a metahuman immunity to toxins and other plantlike powers.


Red Hood[edit]

Red Tornado[edit]



Edward Nigma is a criminal with a genius intellect who wants to prove his intelligence by tricking and manipulating the world's greatest detective, Batman, with his riddles.



Tim Drake is the third young man to become Robin, after Dick Grayson moved on to become Nightwing and Jason Todd died. Before taking the mantle himself, Tim deduces Batman and Nightwing's identities and trains extensively before Batman even considers recruiting another sidekick, but Tim convinces him that he needs a Robin because of the balance it brings the Dark Knight. After Tim's parents die, Bruce adopts him as his son.


Dick Grayson is Bruce Wayne's ward and Robin is his sidekick. While they fight crime, Batman teaches him important life lessons about growing up.

Super suits[edit]

Saint Walker[edit]

Bro'Dee Walker lives with his people on a planet whose sun is about to become extinct. Walker manages to insure his people with hope, and for this, a blue power ring selects him. Using it, he is able to de-age the sun and save his planet. Saint Walker has been an important ally of the Green Lantern corps since.

Saint Walker has a blue power ring and is able to fly in-game.


Young Billy Batson is selected by a mysterious wizard and given the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury which transform him into an adult every time he says "Shazam!" Though he has the wisdom of Solomon and the body of an adult, Shazam often acts immature and childish, but is leaning what it means to be a superhero. He is a member of the Justice League.

Shazam is able to fly and create a magic lightning bolt that is able to charge electrical objects.

Billy Batson[edit]

Billy Batson is a young orphan who transforms into the incredibly powerful Shazam (previously known as Captain Marvel) when he summons a magic lightning bolt, which can be replicated in-game.


Sinestro was once among the greatest members of the Green Lantern Corps, renowned for the enduring peace in his sector, and Hal Jordan's mentor. However, the Guardians eventually discovered that Sinestro's success was because he had abused his power and imposed a tyranny on his people. Sinestro was stripped of his green power ring, but the Weaponers of Qward helped him to create a yellow power ring, powered by the ability to instill fear in others. Sinestro became the nemesis of Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns, constructing his own Sinestro Corps to challenge their existence.

Sinestro has a yellow power ring in-game.


Skeets is a robot from the 25th century, brought back in time by Booster Gold. With his extensive newspaper archives, Booster Gold uses him in his plight to become a glorified hero in the public eye.

Solomon Grundy[edit]

Cyrus Gold is reanimated as a a zombie who can remember very little from his life aside from the fact that he was "born on a Monday" which leads him to borrow the name of the nursery rhyme character Solomon Grundy. Though Grundy is strong enough to challenge Superman, his mind is weak and he is often manipulated by other villains.

Solomon Grundy is depicted as a big figure and has super strength.

Star Sapphire[edit]

Carol Ferris is Hal Jordan's former boss and on-again-off-again love interest, though she usually refrains from dating employees. When Hal is off in deep space as Green Lantern and Carol has no idea of his exploits, her heart is filled with despair and longing, which attracts a Star Sapphire jewel. Powered by love and causing Carol to feel powerful urges, Star Sapphire is sometimes an enemy and sometimes and ally of Green Lantern.


Courtney Whitmore is the latest upholder of the Starman legacy, which she originally takes up to spite her stepfather. Stargirl carries a staff, given to her by the last Starman, which enhances her strength, allows her to fly, shoots constructs shaped like stars, and allows energy projection.


Conner Kent is a clone created from Superman's DNA, generally believed to be as a part of a contingency should the Man of Steel go rogue. Conner is released before he finishes growing and emerges into the world as a teenager and struggling to live up to his "father's" example as a hero. He is a member of the Teen Titans and Robin's best friend.


Kara Zor-El is Superman's cousin. She was sent to Earth as a young woman and at the same time as the much younger Kal-El, but took a longer time to arrive. Though Supergirl is confused by her new found powers and that the person claiming to be Kal-El is a grown man, she follows his example and begins to protect Earth.


Kal-El is sent from the dying world of Krypton to Earth just as his home world explodes. Adopted by friendly farmers and renamed Clark Kent, Kal grows up initially unaware of his alien heritage until he begins to develop superpowers and discover remnants of his lost home. As an adult, Clark wears the El family symbol on the chest of a Kryptonian suit and becomes Superman, the most influential and arguably most important hero and member of the Justice League on Earth.

Travis Willingham reprises his role as Superman from LEGO Batman 2. In-game, Superman is able to fly, fire his heat vision, and transform into Clark Kent.

Clark Kent[edit]

Clark Kent is Superman's secret identity. He grew up in Smallville, Kansas and currently works as a reporter for The Daily Planet in Metropolis. Unlike Superman, he is bumbling, nerdy, and carries himself differently.

Clark is able to transform into Superman.

Solar Suit[edit]

Some of Superman's powers are enhanced by the amount of sunlight he absorbs. For special situations, he has an entirely black suit that powers him more efficiently.

Swamp Thing[edit]

Swamp Thing is a sentient plant creature that believes himself to be the reincarnation of Alec Holland. He is an avatar of the Green and attempts to protect nature and humanity from each other, even though his efforts are generally unappreciated by Earth's inhabitants and heroes.


Toyman, AKA Winslow Schott, is an inventor who integrates cutting edge weaponry with old toys. Using androids and his whimsical weaponry, he aims to violently protect the world from adults for children.


When the original Trickster, James Jesse, defects, teenager Axel Walker steels his equipment, which includes shoes that allow him to walk on air. Since the death of Jesse, Walker is the only Trickster. Captain Cold invites him to join the Rogues.



Wonder Woman[edit]

Diana is an Amazon princess from the hidden island paradise of Themyscira who has been gifted with divine powers from the Greek gods. When Steve Trevor's plane crashes on Themyscira, Diana realizes that there is much more to the world than she thought and leaves the island and Amazons to explore "patriarch's world" with Steve. Using her mystical abilities and magical weaponry, Wonder Woman becomes the premier female superhero as a founding member of the Justice League who protects mortals from all types of threats and acting as an inspiration for them.

Laura Bailey returns to voice Wonder Woman from her role in LEGO Batman 2.


DLC only[edit]

"75th anniversary" AzBat[edit]

After Batman has his back broken by Bane, Batman's ally Azrael takes up the Bat mantle. After an encounter with the Scarecrow, "AzBat"'s violent nature instilled in him by a fanatic religious cult kicks in and he becomes a violent crime fighter with a dangerous variation of the classic Batsuit.

"75th anniversary" Batman[edit]

When Batman first appeared in May 1939, he was a more violent character who was willing to kill criminals and carry a gun.

Arrow Black Canary[edit]

Sara Lance is the younger sister of Laurel Lance, Oliver Queen's sweetheart. Ollie cheats on Laurel with Sara when he takes her on his yacht, and both of them end separated up lost at sea. Sara is discovered by and recruited into the League of Assassins under the codename of the Canary. Sara tries to escape from the League and keeps her existence a secret from her family, even after she returns to Starling City as a vigilante.

Arrow Deathstroke[edit]

Slade Wilson is an ASIS agent who becomes stranded on the same island as Oliver and becomes a crucial ally by training and teaching him how to survive. After escaping from the island, Slade becomes a mercenary with a vendetta against Ollie.

Arrow Diggle[edit]

John Diggle is an ex-marine who is hired by Moira Queen to act as Oliver's bodyguard after he returns to the mainland. Diggle soon discovers that Ollie is the Arrow and becomes his ally. He is especially interested in tracking down the gunman Deadshot, who killed his brother.

Arrow Felicity Smoak[edit]

Felicity Smoak is an IT expert for Queen Consolidated who Walter Steele and Oliver both come to for help, though neither of them let her know what they are up to. When Walter goes missing, Felicity reveals to Oliver that she has deduced his identity and wants to help him find Walter. After he is rescued, Felicity remains a crucial ally to the Arrow.

Arrow Huntress[edit]

Helena Bertinelli is the daughter of mobster Frank Bertinelli who is disgusted by her father's "business." She tries to leak evidence that will incriminate her father to the FBI, but her laptop is discovered and her fiance Michael is believed to be the mole. Michael is killed, and Helena swears revenge on her father and other gangsters. When Oliver discovers Helena, he initially recruits and trains her as a partner, but her motivations are too violent for him to accept.

Arrow Green Arrow[edit]

Oliver Queen is a shameless playboy whose yacht is sabotaged when his father gets cold feet in a criminal undertaking he is involved in. Before he dies, his father gives Oliver a list of people who have "failed" Starling City and bids that if Ollie survives, that he fixes it. After being away from home for five years and hardened into a bow-wielding warrior, Ollie returns home and becomes the vigilante known as Arrow. Stephen Amell reprises his role from Arrow to voice both the DLC and regular versions of Green Arrow.

Arrow Malcolm Merlyn[edit]

Malcolm Merlyn is a rogue member of the League of Assassins and the mastermind behind the Undertaking. After losing his wife in the Glades, Malcolm becomes intent on destroying them so that they can no longer breed crime and apathy. During the day, Malcolm is an affluent businessman and the father of Oliver's best friend Tommy, but he is also secretly the Dark Archer, a rival of the Arrow.

Arrow Roy Harper[edit]

Roy Harper is a young man who lives in the Glades whom Thea Queen becomes intrigued by. After being rescued by the Arrow, Roy begins to follow his example by defending people oppressed by the poverty in the Glades while trying to become closer to Arrow.

Batman Beyond Ace[edit]

Ace is Bruce Wayne's guard dog who sometimes assists Batman in the field.

Batman Beyond Batman[edit]

Terry McGinnis is a troubled youth whose father is murdered by Derek Powers. Terry stumbles on Bruce Wayne's secret and steals the bat suit, convincing Bruce that he needs it to avenge his father.

Batman Beyond Blight[edit]

Derek Powers is the corrupt businessman responsible for the death of Batman II's father. He is secretly the Blight, a super villain metahuman with radiation powers.

Batman Beyond Bonk[edit]

Bonk is a strongman member of one incarnation of the Jokerz, a gang dedicated to the memory of the deceased Clown Prince of Crime.

Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne[edit]

After dressing up as Batman for decades and pushing many of his friends away, Bruce Wayne finally quits being Batman after he is forced to threaten a criminal with a gun in his advanced age. Though Bruce is still tortured by his parents' deaths and having little in the way of coping, he finds some solace in mentoring Terry McGinnis as the new Batman.

Batman Beyond Inque[edit]

Inque is a shape shifting mercenary and one of Batman Beyond's most threatening foes.

Batman Beyond Joker[edit]

Decades ago, Joker and Harley Quinn abducted Robin and deduced Batman's identity from torturing him. When Batman and Batgirl came to rescue their friend, Joker and Harley revealed that they had adopted Tim as their "son" and transformed him into a younger version of the Joker. Joker tries to prove that Tim is loyal to him by handing him a gun and telling him to shoot Batman, but Robin instead uses it to kill Joker. Though Tim is reverted to normal and the incident is cleared up, Batman fires him, afraid that something similar might happen again. In the distant future, residue of the Joker's DNA left in the now middle-aged Tim's system is triggered and he becomes an adult Joker.

Batman Beyond Mr. Freeze[edit]

Mr. Freeze's body deteriorated many years ago, but his head was preserved. After it is discovered by Derek Powers, he wishes to discover the secret of immortality from it and creates a clone of Victor Fries. The clone is free of the low-temperature condition and uses the opportunity to redeem himself by opening a charity in Nora's name to help Gotham. When he realizes that his new body is reverting to the old one's condition, Freeze tries to get revenge on Powers.

Dark Knight Bane[edit]

Bane is an excommunicated member of the League of Assassins who after Ra's Al Ghul's death attempts to fulfill his vision of destroying Gotham City.

Dark Knight Batman[edit]

After Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed in an alley, Bruce Wayne travels the world looking for meaning in his life and often getting himself into trouble until he meets Henri Ducard, who introduces him to the ninja League of Shadows. The ninjas train Bruce, but he is unwilling to go along with their plot to destroy his hometown of Gotham City. Bruce returns to Gotham so that he can protect it, and in his quest develops into the vigilante known as Batman. With his butler Alfred, Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox, and Gotham City Police Sergeant James Gordon as his allies, Batman strives to protect Gotham from terrorists and villains such as Ra's Al Ghul, Joker, Scarecrow, and Bane.

Dark Knight Catwoman[edit]

Selina Kyle is a thief who begins to straddle between the lines of good and evil when she becomes involved with the Batman and Bane.

Dark Knight Commissioner Gordon[edit]

Bruce Wayne remembers Jim Gordon as the only police officer who was willing to comfort him the night that his parents died. When Bruce returns to the city years later as Batman, he selects Jim as his ally inside of the mostly corrupt GCPD. Through his relationship with Batman, Gordon rises through the ranks from sergeant to commissioner.

Dark Knight Nurse Joker[edit]

Joker is an unidentified madcap terrorist who wants nothing more than to torture the Batman by threatening to kill people until he reveals his secret identity. He views himself as an agent of chaos who is the counterpart to Batman's order and that they are destined to battle each other for eternity.

When Joker visits the mentally unstable Harvey Dent in the hospital after scarring him and killing his fiance, he dresses himself as a nurse.

Dark Knight Ra's Al Ghul[edit]

Ra's Al Ghul is a mercenary who comes to be the leader of the League of Shadows. Under the alias of Henri Ducard, he recruits and mentors Bruce Wayne for a time before Bruce rebels against the League and their monastery is burnt, though Bruce rescues Ducard. With intentions of destroying Gotham City because of its corruption and poverty, Ducard later goes to the city and reveals himself to be both Ra's Al Ghul and responsible for the conspiracy behind the city's coming destruction, which Bruce as Batman is determined to stop.

Dark Knight Scarecrow[edit]

Jonathan Crane is a corrupt administrator at Arkham Asylum who uses a hallucinogen that induces fearful imagery and a special mask to exacerbate it further when he tests the inmates. He is eventually discovered and detained, but escapes from Arkham in a prison break initiated by Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadows.

Dark Knight Two-Face[edit]

Harvey Dent is a promising district attorney candidate who becomes an ally of Batman and Jim Gordon. After Harvey claims to be Batman as part of a ruse to capture the Joker, he and his fiance Rachel are captured and placed in burning buildings. While Rachel is killed, Harvey receives terrible burns on half of his body and becomes insane with rage. After being egged on by Joker and escaping from the hospital, he goes on a rampage against those he blames for Rachel's death.

Rainbow Batman[edit]

After Robin breaks his arm, Batman wears a colorful bat-suit each night to draw attention away from his sidekick, the final of which is one with all the colours of the rainbow.

Rainbow Raider[edit]

Roy G. Bivolo is an aspiring colourblind artist whose father creates him a pair of goggles that allow Roy to create beams of solid light. After his father dies, Roy turns to crime as the Rainbow Raider to destroy pieces of art he is jealous of, leading to conflict with The Flash.

Man of Steel Faora[edit]

Faora-Ul is General Zod's loyal lieutenant who follows him as he tries to destroy humanity and terraform the Earth into a new Krypton. During this, she gains a rivalry with Colonel Hardy.

Man of Steel General Zod[edit]

Zod is a Kryptonian general who agrees with Jor-El that something must be done to ensure their race's survival and attempts to overthrow the council and obtain the genetic codex. Jor steals the codex before they can, and Zod kills him for it, though he learns that it has been sent into outer space with the Els' son. Zod and his underlings are imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for their treachery, which allows them to survive the destruction of Krypton and they escape when the planet is destroyed. After receiving a Kryptonian beacon from Earth, Zod realizes that Kal-El is there with the codex and plots to destroy the indigenous humans and reform the Earth into a new Krypton.

Man of Steel Jor-El[edit]

Jor-El is a Kryptonian scientist who is more liberated than his peers and is unable to convince them to use the Kryptonian genetic codex to colonize other worlds before their planet is destroyed. They do not listen, and he instead sends it to Earth with his son. General Zod attempts to stop Jor-El from doing so, and kills him. Using advanced technology, Jor-El is later able to interact with his son as a hologram and gives him advice on how to defeat Zod and the Kryptonians before it is destroyed.

Man of Steel Kelex[edit]

Kelex is the robotic assistant of Jor-El and Lara.

Man of Steel Lara[edit]

Lara is Jor-El's wife and Kal-El's mother. She is worried about sending her son to Earth and how the humans will treat him. However, when General Zod invades the Els' home, Lara puts her fears aside and sends El into space while her husband fights and is killed by Zod. Lara watches as Krypton implodes, and bids that her son is able to save the Earth from a similar fate.

Man of Steel Superman[edit]

After being sent by his parents to Earth, Kal-El is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent and renamed Clark. Though they realize he is alien, they keep this secret from him until he begins to display superpowers, and afraid of how people will react, they urge him to keep them hidden until he is older. After Jonathan sacrifices himself so that Clark does not have to reveal himself while he is unready, Clark begins to wander looking for a place where he belongs while looking for his origins, eventually setting off a Kryptonian beacon which alerts General Zod to his existence. With help from Lois Lane and a hologram of his Kryptonian father, Clark learns to harness his abilities to protect his adopted home from Zod.