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Personal information
Real name
Lovro Peraković
August 15th
About me
Well what is it that you want to know from me?

I Like LEGOs.I like watching The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.

My Favourite Themes are LEGO Lord of the Rings,LEGO The Hobbit,LEGO Minecraft,LEGO The Simpsons and LEGO Superheroes.

I Grew up in Duga Resa in Croatia but we left when i was 4 cause we didn't want to pay for the appartment anymore.Then we moved to my Dad's house in Barilovic still Croatia :P (Location where i am now).

I Have a Cat (Micko) and a Dog (Ben).I Have a brother who is 6 years older than me (I am 14 he is 20).My Family only has 4 members (Me,Mom,Dad and Brother).

So that is all the information that you will get from me and how we say in Croatia Doviđenja!.