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There are KFOLs, TFOLs, AFOLs, "dark ages", and plenty of other terms for relatively normal people. Dan's not like that. Dan's a lifer, a general FOL involved with far too many things for far too long, and generally drops the ball on most of them (literally, if he's building a GBC module). Notable AFOLs meet him for the first time and stop to take a selfie with the man, the myth, the legend. Strangers see the size of his brick badge and salute before asking for permission to speak freely. You can call him "Dan" if you want.

My Contributions[edit]

Main article: Special:Contributions/Danny316p

Noteworthy Brickipedia-related accomplishments:

  • Founder of the blog LMOTD, which is long past its prime but will eventually be reorganized into a future friend of Brickipedia.
  • Started the Brickipedia Yubnub command
  • Started and maintains the LEGO and Open Source presentation, which has been given at a few LEGO conventions


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