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492 Truck & Payloader is a LEGOLAND Construction set that was released in 1977. It included 45 pieces including two LEGOLAND Minifigures.

Description[edit | edit source]

Truck and trailer

The truck has a blue underbody and yellow body. The cab has a clear windshield, but the included minifigures cannot fit inside. It has a plain bed with sides and a ball socket on the back to connect to the trailer. The trailer is a special-molded piece with wheels and is blue and has a ball hitch to hook up to the truck.


The loader is mostly yellow with some red and black. It has six wheels and a working front scoop. There is a place at the back for one of the included minifigures to fit on. It can be loaded on the trailer.

Minifigures and accessories

Two LEGOLAND minifigures are included. They are all blue except for their heads which are yellow, and they both wear hats. One has a simple wheelbarrow made with a gray 2x4 plate, a wheel and a 2x2 black plate to simulate the load. The 2x4 plate is connected between the minifigure's legs and torso to simulate the minifigure holding the handles. Also included is a "Men at work" sign.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • 492 Truck & Payloader was released only in the USA.
  • This set is the same as set 692 Road Repair Crew.

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