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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Running time:

22 minutes

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April 16, 2014



"Blackout" is the twenty-ninth episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the third episode of the third season.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Garmadon balancing rocks on Lloyd. He teaches him that Ninjago depends on balance and that he has more powers to unlock. He tells Lloyd he has the ability to move mountains, but he does not believe he needs that power. Meanwhile, some workmen find Cyrus Borg lying unconscious in the production facility of Borg Tower. The workmen take Cyrus to his office only to find the hard drive, containing the Overlord virus, is missing. However, underneath the tower, a lab being powered by Electricobras (electric eels). A mysterious hooded stranger plugs the hard drive into a computer and the Overlord appears on a television screen. The hooded stranger wants to use the Electricobras to power the Nindroids.

At Ed and Edna's Junkyard, Kai, Cole and Jay are helping Ed. Edna, Nya and Zane are trying to fix Pixal. Zane gives up half of his power source to give Pixal a second chance. It works and Pixal is brought back to life. Edna compliments Nya and says Jay is lucky to have her, but Pixal says that Cole is Nya's perfect match. Cole and Jay overhear this and a fight starts between the two. But while they fight Tech Wu arrives on a Hovercopter and starts charging some Nindroids with Electricobras. A Nindroid gets in a magnetic crane and picks up the camper that everyone is in. General Cryptor begins firing his laser at the camper. Ed and Edna escape on bubble-powered jet packs, disarming Cryptor's laser while that are at it. The Ninja escape using Spinjitzu, except Zane and Pixal. Turns out Zane cannot use Spinjitzu without his full power source. A battle ensues, Jay and Cole fall into a trash compactor that was activated by Tech Wu. Kai battles Tech Wu, but is greatly overpowered. Nya attempts to rescue Jay and Cole. She is faced with the decision of cutting a blue wire or a black wire (ironically the colours of two ninjas fighting for her love). It isn't shown which she cuts, but it works and Jay and Cole are freed. They all go and help Kai with Tech Wu. Meanwhile Zane and Pixal are being surrounded by Nindroids. When they held hands, they could do Spinjitzu together. Zane uses the magnet crane to capture Tech Wu. However, the Hooded Stranger uses an arrow to free Wu. The stranger leaves the ninja confused as to who he is.

We cut back to Lloyd and Garmadon climbing a mountain. Lloyd jokingly asks Garmadon if he wishes he had four arms again. Lloyd spots a nest with a young bird. He is distracted by the bird and runs to save it when it jumps off the nest. But the father returns and sees Lloyd holding his child. It swoops in to attack. Garmadon is knocked off and falls off the mountain. Lloyd saves him at the last minute by creating a hand shaped mountain underneath him. Soon Zane's Falcon arrives and gives them a message briefing them on what happened at the Junkyard. Garmadon tells Lloyd that they will enter Hiroshi's Labyrinth, a dense jungle that only one person has made it out of. He says it will be the perfect place to hide from the Overlord. What they don't know is that the Hooded Stranger intercepted the message from the Falcon and is now tracking the bird and, in turn, Lloyd.

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