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DUPLO figure
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A DUPLO figure is a figure used only in the DUPLO theme to represent people in the sets. The first Minifigures were simillar to Duplo figures.

Design[edit | edit source]

The first DUPLO figures had no legs or arms like System minifigures had randomly assorted coloured bodies, including Bright Blue, Dark Green, and Black, White heads, like the minifigures from the time. They had assorted coloured hairs and hats including Brown, Black, Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Blue, Dark Green, and Medium Grey.

Later, DUPLO figures were updated with a more detailed design with pose-able arms and legs as well as more realistic skin tones, though they retained similar expressions.

More recently a third redesign has progressed the DUPLO figure into a less square shape that is once again more detailed with a nose and ears moulded onto the head as well as less square body parts.

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