Fang Blades

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The Four Fang Blades
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The Four Silver Fang Blades are ancient artifacts that can unleash The Great Devourer. They were released in June/July 2012 Ninjago sets. In the story line, Pythor and the ninja are searching them.

Hypnobrai Fang Blade[edit]

The Hypnobrai Fang Blade physically appears in 9450 Epic Dragon Battle, where the Serpentine awaken The Great Devourer. In the show it was hidden in Megamonster Amusement Park. It appeared in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy."

Fangpyre Fang Blade[edit]

The Fangpyre Fang Blade physically appears in 9449 Ultra Sonic Raider, where it is wieled by Pythor P. Chumsworth. In the show it was hidden in the Fire Temple. It appeared in "The Green Ninja."

Constrictai Fang Blade[edit]

The Constrictai Fang Blade physically appears in 9448 Samurai Mech. In the show it was in the "blade cup," a trophy for a dance competition. Cole said Clutch Powers found it and turned it into the trophy. It appeared in "The Royal Blacksmiths."

Venomari Fang Blade[edit]

The Venomari Fang Blade physically appears in 9447 Lasha's Bite Cycle. The location of its hiding place was never revealed, as Pythor claimed it before the ninja could even find it. It appeared in "All of Nothing."


  • At the end of "All of Nothing," the ninja get all the Fang Blades at once. However, this is short lived, as Pythor turns invisible and hides on their ship, and leaves to steal them back.
  • The Anacondrai is the only Tribe not to have a Silver Fangblade. That may just be because Pythor is the only one left, while the other tribes have an army and are high in numbers.
  • For some unknown reason, possibly in order to try to keep sales of the 2507 Fire Temple up, a Fangblade was hidden in the same place as the Sword of Fire, in the Fire Temple
  • In "The Green Ninja", the Fangpyre Blade falls into the lava and doesn't melt. This is because they can only be destroyed at the extreme heat of Torchfire Mountain.
  • In "Rise of the Great Devourer", it is revealed the Fang Blades are made from The Great Devourer's teeth
  • The Lego website says that the fang blades have anti-venom capsules, similar to the tribal staffs. The capsules are the round coloured circles at the bottom of the hilt.
  • Although the capsules are mentioned on the website, they have not been mentioned at all in the show.
  • It is possible that the anti-venom capsules in the fang blades could combine, similar to the venom in the staffs that combined to reveal the fang blade map, to create an anti-venom that could counteract the Great Devourer's venom, therefore curing Lord Garmadon. After all, the blades were made from the Devourer's teeth, and all of the Serpentine tribes have an anti-venom, but there is no specific evidence that this is true.