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Howard Wolowitz
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Howard Wolowitz, also referred to as just Howard, is a LEGO Ideas minifigure included in 21302 The Big Bang Theory.


Howard has a grey leg piece and the only male in the set to have a printing on it. The printing is of a belt and buckle in the shape of a video game controller. This is similar to the character in the show being known having a wide variety of buckles. His torso is red with a printing on both sides depicting a turtle neck with a cowboy plaid shirt. He has a dual printed head piece with sideburns to match his hair. He is seen with a 3 piece accessory of a rocket that is part of the set.


Howard Wolowitz is an Aerospace Engineer at Caltech's Department of Applied Physics. He is best friend is Raj and also friends with Leonard and Sheldon. He is married to Bernadette. He has a masters degree in engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Unlike Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj, Howard lacks a Ph.D., but he is the only one to visit the International Space Station.


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