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Leonard Hofstadter
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Leonard Hofstadter, also referred to as just Leonard, is a LEGO Ideas minifigure included in 21302 The Big Bang Theory.


Leonard has a Dark Blue leg piece and a tan torso piece with light flesh hands. The torso piece is used to represent a jacket and has printing on the front and back. Under the jacket there is a print to represent a green T-shirt with a white recycle symbol. Leonard's face is flesh-coloured and features two prints. Both sides have two black dot eyes with white pupils, glasses, dark brown eyebrows, a black mouth, and a darker flesh colour for an outline under the chin. One side has an expression with a open mouth smile while the other shows a confused closed mouth and a single raised eyebrow. He has a brown hair piece. He is often displayed with a Blue Minifig trophy Statuette which comes with the set.


Leonard Hofstadter is an experimental physicist who lives with Sheldon.


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