Junichiro Kawaguchi

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Junichiro Kawaguchi

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Junichiro Kawaguchi is a CUUSOO minifigure released in 2012.


Junichiro's hairpiece is a gray, laid down hairstyle that has been previously seen in Luke Skywalker and Draco Malfoy. His headpiece has a smiling face that is wearing glasses. Junichiro's body has printing on both sides. The front being a dark blue, pinstriped suit with an orange tie, and the back having some white pinstripes as well. His leg piece is unprinted and represent dark blue suit pants.


Junichiro Kawaguchi is the real-life manager of the Hayabusa project, a satellite built to study an asteroid and bring the information back to Earth.


  • Strangely, although this minifigure is based off a real-life person, the skin is yellow like non-licensed minifigures, rather than skin colored like licensed minifigures.
  • His minifigure appearance is a mix of the Mayor from Modular Buildings and the Businessman from Alien Conquest.



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