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Here is my review of 21304 Doctor Who, the eleventh Ideas set, which shall be my first proper review on here. This set was kindly donated to Brickipedia by the LEGO Group ahead of its release, this review was delayed though but here it is... and it's about time!
(YAY! a pun on the TV Movie's main tagline)

The box and contents[edit | edit source]

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The box the set comes in is of a very high quality card and is beautifully presented with high quality CG images and a very nice stylised police box illustration. There is also a really nice effect linking the two Doctors on the cover a sort-of blurred Eleventh Doctor transitioning into the Twelfth. Although, the box is smaller than I thought it would be, with it being a £50 set. As best I tried, the tape sealing the box was so thin it made getting into the box without damaging it impossible. I don’t know if LEGO has now moved onto these very nice fold open boxes for other themes but this has to be the best packaging for a set in terms of quality I have ever seen! For once I didn’t feel that any slight pressure put on the box as I opened it would tear straight through it, which is just great.

Contents[edit | edit source]

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The set contains six unnumbered bags of parts and one instruction manual.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

The instructions are printed on really nice high quality smooth paper, and contain 127 pages. Pages 2-5 give brief explanations of what Doctor Who is (represented by a promotional image of the Twelfth Doctor and Clara in front of the TARDIS console from series 8), and who the characters included in the set are. These explanation are short but have enough in-universe facts for people who don’t know Doctor Who to have a basic enough understanding of the source material. Pages 6-121 are the main instructions. Pages 122-123 consist of interviews with the people who helped create this set (one of them Paul Mcgann’s nephew!). The rest simply consists of a parts list, and Dimensions Doctor Who pack and Ideas advertisements.

Minifigures[edit | edit source]

The set comes with six minifigures; The Eleventh Doctor (series 5-7a), the Twelfth Doctor (Post regeneration still in the Eleventh Doctor’s series 7b clothing), Clara Oswald (Time of the Doctor outfit), a Weeping Angel, and two Daleks.

The Eleventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

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This is based on the Eleventh Doctor’s appearance from series 5-7a. It is a very good representation of Matt Smith’s Doctor. The head on one side accurately depicts his slight smirk that he has in some promotional images while the other side accurately depicts his grin. The hair could be better though, it really needed a new piece to accurately depict the hair style that this Doctor had. The torso is just a perfect representation of this Doctor’s tweed jacket, although it could have done with some arm printing representing the arm patches on the jacket’s sleeves to be even better, but that could be considered a minor detail which the omission of doesn’t at-all affect the accurate-ness of the figure. He comes with a sonic screwdriver and, obviously, a fez as accessories.

The Twelfth Doctor[edit | edit source]

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This is based on the Twelfth Doctor’s appearance post regeneration from the end of Time of the Doctor, where he is still wearing his predecessors clothing from series 7b with the omission of the bow tie as the Eleventh Doctor pulled it off moments before regenerating. Originally I thought this to be a cheap thing of LEGO giving us two Eleventh Doctor figures, one with his main series 5-7a outfit and one with his series 7b outfit with the Twelfth Doctor’s head stuck on but with the omission of the bow tie it is in-fact a recently regenerated Twelfth Doctor figure. This still doesn’t completely take away my feeling that this is just a poor Twelfth Doctor minifigure though, LEGO are just making you have to buy the Dimensions pack to get a proper Twelfth Doctor minifigure, which is such a cheap way of going about releasing the figure meaning for many it will be unavailable unless you want to buy Dimensions too or the figure overly priced online. Once again this is a perfect representation of the figure, but unlike all the other figures in the set this one’s head is only one sided. Just a shame we don’t get an alternate expression showing his initial shock just after regenerating. He comes with a sonic screwdriver as an accessory.

Clara Oswald[edit | edit source]

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This is based on Clara’s appearance from Time of the Doctor. This is an almost perfect representation of the character. In the episode Clara's cardigan has bow ties on it but that detail is missing from the minifgure, so it's not completely accurate. One side of her head shows her with a confident smile and the other with one of her eyebrows raised, looking confused, possibly confused having just witnessed the Doctor regenerate.

Weeping Angel[edit | edit source]

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The Weeping Angel is highly accurate. One side of its head shows it in its quantum-locked state, while the other side shows its more vicious attacking state. Nothing to fault this figure on.

Daleks[edit | edit source]

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To me Daleks seem like they are impossible to get to look right in LEGO and they've done a good job here but unfortunately there's just something about them I just don't like, mainly due to the absence of the lights as physical parts of figure as that is such an iconic part of a Dalek it just looks wrong with it being reduced to just a printed detail. I do like the solution to the swiveling eyestalk though.

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

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I would have preferred if one of the Daleks had been substituted for the wooden Cyberman that appears in Time of the Doctor, as it would have been a far more interesting minifigure and if not a wooden Cyberman if it is too obscure with it only appearing in one scene I would have liked Handles to be included as an accessory.

The set[edit | edit source]

TARDIS Interior[edit | edit source]

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The set is based on the TARDIS interior from series 7b onwards and is a great representation! There's lots of details on every panel of the console including several specially printed pieces, including this one piece that looks like the inner workings of a watch that I had to re-watch a few episodes just to see if it was a specially printed piece or not... By far the best panel on the console has to be the one with the lever that initiates take-off/dematerialization, purely for it being the best of the two panels that I actually recognized. The other being the telepathic interface that is most prominently used in Listen although that could have done with using a specially printed piece because as it is it's a pretty basic representation that you'll likely only recognize if you have seen Listen if not it will likely just seem the most boring panel, which it is, with just two trans-light blue 2x2 flat pieces on it and no special printed technological pieces on it like the rest of the console. The top of the console sadly doesn't feature any printing or have one of the most stupid features of this TARDIS console; it doesn't spin like it does when in flight. For something that's bigger on the inside there's not actually that much room for the minifigures to stand.

TARDIS Exterior[edit | edit source]

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The exterior of the TARDIS is very accurate with it featuring all of the correct details and signage even down to the text the on the plaque! As great a representation of the TARDIS' police box exterior as it is, there are some things I do not like about it; it is way too big to be in-proportion with minifigures, and it opens from the back meaning the doors don't actually open the correct way, still it does include two roundels which are the most iconic part of the TARDIS other-than its police box exterior. It can fit one minifigure inside of it and close which I find to be a pretty pointless features as I'm never going to have it open showing a minifigure inside.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg 5 / 5
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Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star gray.svg 4 / 5

This is a brilliant set for fans of Doctor Who as it includes the latest Doctor and companion with some of the most popular aliens/monsters of recent series and is highly accurate to the show, although it could do with a better selection of minifigures such as the Twelfth Doctor in his proper attire or the aforementioned wooden Cyberman but it is still a great set nonetheless.

Obligatory SigFig photo[edit | edit source]

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Soupperson1Legendary Brickipedian

100 months ago
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Really nice review! I know nothing about Doctor Who so I can't really comment on the set itself. :P

I have answers to some of your questions/statements:

"I don’t know if LEGO has now moved onto these very nice fold open boxes for other themes" Only for ideas sets.

"The hair could be better though, it really needed a new piece to accurately depict the hair style that this Doctor had." Ideas sets don't use new moulds.

Thanks for reviewing the set, I'm glad you like it.

(P.S. the sigfig picture was a nice addition)
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