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Tahu is a main protagonist from the BIONICLE theme and the lore which accompanies it. In the context of the stories, he is the arrogant but courageous and goodhearted leader of the Toa Mata and later the Toa Nuva, a team of Toa heroes who are destined to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui from an unnatural sleeping spell he has fallen under. Tahu is a Toa who commands the power of fire and wears the Kanohi Hau, a mask which allows him to shield himself from danger he can see coming. Tahu was released as a set four times throughout BIONICLE's nine year run; first in the debut year of 2001, then in 2002, 2008, and 2010, the last year of the line's original run. When BIONICLE was reintroduced in 2015, rebooted versions of Tahu and the other members of his team were again be released as sets.


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This month's featured review is on 10696 LEGO Medium Creative Brick Box, written by Brikkyy13.


Hello! Today I'm reviewing one of the Classic sets that are new for 2015, 10696 LEGO Medium Creative Brick Box. This set was kindly donated to Brickipedia by our friends over at The LEGO Group. So, is this set worth picking up, or is it just another parts pack? As you can see, the packing is quite unconventional. Like most sets branded under the "LEGO" name alone (i.e. not any specific theme) the parts are packaged in large re-usable for containers.


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Our Featured Custom for this month is The House at Cragstone's End, created by Jeyo.

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