6071 Forestmen's Crossing

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Forestmen's Crossing
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Forestmen Leader, Forestwoman, Forestmen (3)


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6071 Forestmen's Crossing is a LEGO Castle set released in 1990 under the Forestmen subtheme. It contains a woodland hideout next to a river, a horse and five minifigures, including the exclusive forestwoman and four forestmen.


The set consists of a single model, a large structure comprised of two large elements: large, hollow tree and a ruined castle, both of these connected by a common baseplate.

The tree consists of many black pieces, used to form the trunk. Many parts-out-of-other-parts style pieces are used in the bottom construction. This helps in allowing the tree to split apart through the middle, such as is its function. Higher up, a number of black branching pieces are used to create the top of the tree, and are decorated with several large leaf-style pieces. A brown wooden ladder is used to climb to the top of the tree. A red flag on a black pole is located at the very top of the tree, near a brown rope bridge that leads across to the ruined castle.

The bridge connects at its other end to a ruined tower of the castle, and provides an easy way to get across the river below to either structure. The top of the tower provides ample space for a minifigure to stand and watch as a lookout. Below the tower, another ruined section of the castle includes space for a minifigure to be positioned. It also leads out onto a small balcony over the top of the rest of the tower. At the bottom level of the tower, a large section of the tower has been replaced by a black tree. This tree functions as holding up the tower of the castle. As well, another section of the castle has a tree growing out of it, although this one is smaller. Inside the castle is located a hidden space, which may be accessed via a opening and closing stone door festooned with vines. Three windows, however, are featured in this space. A treasure chest, included in the set, may be placed inside this vault. As well, a shield, depicting the Forestmen logo, if placed above the vault door.

Also featured in the set is a single, red-saddled white horse. Included are five minifigure, including four versions of forestman, and the forestwoman. They all share the common trait of wearing some green, although all of them have some splashed of colour in the form of printing. A variety of weapons, including a spear, three bows, and a sword are included, as well as three black quivers of arrows. All of the forestmen wear either green or brown hats, three of which are decorated with smal feathers. The forestwoman wears a green cap.

Minifigures included[edit]


  • This set did not appear in European catalogs and was not released in Germany.
  • This is the only set to include the forest maiden, or Forestwoman.
  • Another rare minifigure is the forestman with the black collar, whose only other appearance is in 6066 Camouflaged Outpost.
  • This is one of 3 sets in which Part:4207 is Old Brown.
  • Part:3857px2 is unique to this set.
  • Part:973p4q is unique to this set.


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