8479 Barcode Multi-Set

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Barcode Multi-set
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8479 Barcode Multi-set is a TECHNIC set released in 1997. Included is a large model incorporating the Code Pilot barcode system.


The set's main model consists of a single TECHNIC model, a large, green container truck. In the front is built a detailed cab, which includes interior detailing such as chairs for TECHNIC Figures to sit (although none are included in the set), levers, a steering wheel, and a dashboard. The cab itself is built with a level of detail, such as the rearview mirrors features on the sides, the sloping roof, and the rollcage bars around the cab's interior.

In front of the cab is built a large grappling claw, which is automated via the barcode system. It is capable of lifting light objects. As well, the entire claw assembly can move up and down, and deposit the grasped object inside the container truck's container.

Behind the cab are built dual vertical exhaust pipes. Behind these is placed the brick-style barcode scanning remote. Under all this are built several automated switches, which control various functions. The truck also has steering in the front, albeit not controlled by the motor included in the set.

Barcode System[edit]

In the main model, the set's one electric motor can be switched between moving the truck's wheels, the grappling arm and the container. The Code Pilot system can be connected to one touch sensor and can control one motor at a time. Using barcodes, the system can be programmed to do a number of things, such as changing the speed of the motor, operating the motor when the sensor is activated, and playing sounds. The Code Pilot has its own instruction manual explaining how to use it and a large sheet of barcodes to program it.


  • The set also includes instructions for a six-wheeled vehicle with a radar trailer, a buggy, and a simple "mecha" walker.


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