A Trust To Nature

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"A Trust To Nature" / "Edward's Butterfly"

Edward and Friends

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Jeff Newitt
Jo Pullen
Martin Pullen


Barrie Edwards


Michael Cole


Bernard Cribbins

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5 minutes

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"A Trust To Nature", also called "Edward's Butterfly", is the twenty-second, only Earth Day special, and final episode of Edward and Friends, and originally aired on Earth Day 1988.


It is the 22nd Annual Earth Day Bug-Off in Fabuland, and Max, Bonnie and Edward promise to stay together to catch bugs, but they get seperated.

Edward, however, being non-forgetful, doesn't wander off and stays near the bush where he found a little butterfly feasting on one of Hannah Hippopotamus's flowers, whom he calls "Edward's Butterfly".

Bonnie, meanwhile, is still hunting for bugs, and catches one, but the bug turns out to be Max, whom she hit on the head.

Because it is getting late, Lionel Lion wonders where everyone he invited to the Bug-Off is, and decides to look for them. When Max realises this by looking at the time on his watch, he and Bonnie hurry back to the bush where Edward found his butterfly.

While Edward, Bonnie and Max sleep in their beds, the butterfly flies in through the window and takes to rest in a cage. The next morning, the first thing Edward sees when he wakes up is his butterfly in a cage. Everyone laughs and Edward puts his butterfly cage on his writing desk.


  • The reason why the Bug-Off in this episode is the 22nd one is that this is the 22nd episode, and the episode aired on April 22.
  • Even though Earth Day is usually celebrated in America, the company that made Edward and Friends, was British.
  • When this episode was aired on CBeebies, it was renamed "Edward's Butterfly" to match the name of the butterfly in this episode.
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Jo Pullen
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