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Edward and Friends

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Edward and Friends
Edward and Friends.jpg

Jeff Newitt
Jo Pullen
Martin Pullen


Barrie Edwards


Michael Cole


Bernard Cribbens

Running time:

5 minutes each episode

First released/aired:




Edward and Friends is a Fabuland TV series that aired in 1987. It was produced by FilmFair, a British company who made shows such as The Wombles. It was made using stop-motion animation.


  1. "Edward gets the Hiccups"
  2. "Lionel's Party"
  3. "Boris gets a Scooter"
  4. "Clive's Kite"
  5. "Bertie's First Case"
  6. "Edward and the Camera"
  7. "Edward joins the Band"
  8. "Edward goes Jogging"
  9. "Wilfred's Treasure"
  10. "Edward to the Rescue"
  11. "The Play"
  12. "A Day for Skating"
  13. "Bonnie and the Mole"
  14. "Max and the Rainbow"
  15. "Wilfred's Rocking Chair"
  16. "Edward tries to help"
  17. "Lionel's Car"
  18. "A Robot for Max"
  19. "Christmas in Fabuland"
  20. "Edward and the big balloon"
  21. "Catherine's Cake"
  22. "A Trust To Nature"

Cast and Crew[edit]

Directed and animated by: Jo Pullen, Martin Pullen, and Jeff Newitt

Producer: Barrie Edwards

Writer: Michael Cole

Technical design: Gordon Tait

Models: Heather Boucher, Pauline London, and Dave Witts

Editor: Rob Dunbar

Music: Mike Batt

Voices: Bernard Cribbins, Royce Mills, Bill Pertwee, and Sheila Steafel

VHS Releases[edit]


  • This was LEGO's first television program

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Jo Pullen
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