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This article is about the LEGOLAND subtheme. For other uses, see Airport (disambiguation).

1970, 1972-1978

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City Airport

Airport is a subtheme of the LEGOLAND (Theme). From 1970 until 1978. There are twenty-four sets released in total.

Sets Included[edit]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 1550  Sterling Super Caravelle          
No image 1551  Sterling Luggage Carrier          
No image 1552  Sterling Boeing 727          
No image 1555  Sterling Airways Biplane          
No image 1560  Lufthansa Boeing 727          
No image 1562  Lufthansa Double-Decker          
No image 1610  Martinair Cessna          
No image 1611  Martinair DC-9          
No image 371  Seaplane          
No image 430  Biplane          
No image 455  Lear Jet          
No image 456  Spirit of St. Louis          
No image 4620  A.I.R. Operations HQ          
No image 609  Aeroplane          
No image 613  Biplane          
No image 622  Baggage Carts          
No image 657  Executive Jet          
No image 661  Spirit of St. Louis          
No image 6615  Eagle Stunt Flyer          
No image 66156  City Exclusive Pack          
No image 66260  Air Freight Value Pack          
No image 687  Caravelle Plane          
No image 698  JAL Boeing 727          
No image 712  Sea Plane