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City Airport

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This article is about theme. For attraction, see LEGO City Airport.


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Town Airport

Airport is a subtheme of the City, that was introduced in 2006.


Airport was first invented as a Town theme. However, that line was so big that it was separated into several subthemes. City released new four new sets in 2006. Four years later, four main new ones were released. Although only eight main sets have been released, City has made a few limited and promotional sets.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 2928  Airline Promotional Set          
No image 3178  Seaplane          
No image 3180  Tank Truck          
No image 3181  Passenger Plane          
No image 3182  Airport          
No image 3221  LEGO Truck          
No image 3222  Helicopter and Limousine          
No image 7643  Air Show Plane          
No image 7688  Sports Plane          
No image 7891  Airport Firetruck          
No image 7893  Passenger Plane          
No image 7894  Airport          
No image 7901  Airplane Mechanic          
No image 10159  City Airport