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Blue Player

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Blue Player



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Blue hat
White giant hand (Two)


2006, 2007

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A Blue Player is a minifigure released for the Soccer/Football list of themes. A total of seven blue players make up the blue team.



2006 Player uniform[edit]

The players on this team have plain black leg pieces, and a white torso piece with yellow hands. The torsos are unprinted, but stickers can be applied to the players, one each for the front and back. The front sticker features a yellow neck with black outlining, with red lines going in a generally horizontal direction from the neck. In the middle is a black Adidas logo, and a black broken line to either side of the logo running down the shirt. The back sticker features a red unbroken curved line going across the jersey, the player's number outlinined in black, and two black curved lines, one to either side of the number. Each player also has a yellow headpiece, with differing printing and hair piece combinations.

Number 2

The player with the number 2 on his back has a headpiece with black printing for eyebrows, stubble, sideburns and a smile. He also has black hair printed towards the top of the piece, and black eyes with white pupils. Number 2 has a standard male hairpiece in brown.

Number 5

This player has printing for a black beard and smile, black eyes with white pupils, and black eyebrows, with one of the eyebrows raised. He comes with a black standard male hairpiece.

Number 7

Number 7 has a black smile, black stubble, and black eyes with white pupils. He also has a dark red left eyebrow, and printed dark red hair over his right eye and covering his right eyebrow. The player has a brown crewcut hairpiece.

Number 9

Like number 5, this player has a black standard male hairpiece, and has a face with black dot eyes with white pupils, black eyebrows, and a black mouth slightly downturned on the left with wrinkles in the left cheek and chin.

Number 10

Like most of the minifigures on the team, Number 10 has only black printing for face, except for the white pupils. He also has printed eyebrows, stubble and a smiling expression. Number 10 comes with a black long-haired hairpiece.

2007 Player uniform[edit]

Number 3, the only minifigure in this team to be released in 2007, wears a slightly different uniform to the other players, the difference being in the stickers. He has a no printed neck, but does have printing at the neckline in dark green. The horizontal lines coming of the neck on the other players jerseys are made more curved, and are also in dark green, while the curved lines to either side of the Adidas logo are made gold. On the back, the design remains largely the same, but the red line at the top is made dark green, and the black lines are now gold. The player's number is also gold, but retains the black outlining. In addition, the word "STRIPES" is written above the number in dark green. Number 3 has the same head piece as Number 2, but has a black spiked hairpiece. This player comes with two white giant hand accessories with black printing, which are used for goalkeeper practice.

Number 1[edit]

As a goalkeeper, Number 1's uniform differs from the other players. He has plain grey legs with a plain black torso that has yellow hands. Like the other players, stickers are provided which can be applied to this minifigure. The pattern remains similar to the other players, however the colour of all of the lines are changed to yellow, except for the horizontal line on the back, which is made white. The horizontal lines coming off the neck are also made shorter, and do not go all the way to the edge of the sticker. The Adidas logo on the front is also changed from black to white, as is the outlining of the number on the back. The player's head features black printing for a smile and dot eyes with white pupils, and red prinitng for hair to either side of the face. This player also wears a blue hat.


Players on the Blue team were a group who were known to have faced off against the red team in at least one match. It is known that in one match with the red team that the blue team's goalie dived the wrong way when a centre shot for goal, resulting in the team being down 1-0. The final result of the match is unknown. Between 2006 and 2007, the team underwent a uniform change, with the black and red colour scheme of their stripes changing to green and gold.


Gallery of Variants[edit]

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