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BrickHeadz is a theme released in March 2017 for the general public, but released earlier in February 2017 for VIP Members. Prior to the official retail release, four SDCC exclusive sets were released in July 2016.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 40270  Valentine's Bee          
No image 41485  Finn          
No image 41486  Captain Phasma          
No image 41487  Lloyd          
No image 41488  Master Wu          
No image 41490  Superman & Wonder Woman          
No image 41491  Batman & The Joker          
No image 41492  Ironman & Cpt. America          
No image 41493  Black Panther & Dr. Strange          
No image 41496  Supergirl & Martian Manhunter          
No image 41497  Spider-Man & Venom          
No image 41498  Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite          
No image 41585  Batman          
No image 41586  Batgirl          
No image 41587  Robin          
No image 41588  The Joker          
No image 41589  Captain America          
No image 41590  Iron Man          
No image 41591  Black Widow          
No image 41592  The Hulk          
No image 41593  Captain Jack Sparrow          
No image 41594  Captain Armando Salazar          
No image 41595  Belle          
No image 41596  Beast          
No image 41597  Go Brick Me          
No image 41598  The Flash          
No image 41599  Wonder Woman          
No image 41600  Aquaman          
No image 41601  Cyborg          
No image 41602  Rey          
No image 41603  Kylo Ren          
No image 41604  Iron Man MK50          
No image 41605  Thanos          
No image 41606  Star-Lord          
No image 41607  Gamora          
No image 41608  Han Solo          
No image 41609  Chewbacca          
No image 41610  Tactical Batman and Superman          
No image 41611  Marty McFly and Doc Brown          
No image 41612  Steve and Creeper          
No image 41613  Mr. Incredible and Frozone          
No image 41614  Owen and Blue          
No image 41615  Harry Potter and Hedwig          
No image 41616  Hermione Granger          
No image 41617  Elsa          
No image 41618  Anna and Olaf          
No image 41619  Darth Vader          
No image 41620  Stormtrooper          
No image 41621  Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore          
No image 41622  Peter Venkman and Slimer          
No image 41623  Ariel and Ursula          
No image 41624  Luke Skywalker          
No image 41625  Princess Leia          
No image 41629  Boba Fett          

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