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This is an overview of votes that are constantly being held on Brickipedia.


Pagename Last Edit Last Author
Userbox proposals22:38, 1 July 2018SamanthaNguyen
Proposed Mergers22:31, 1 July 2018SamanthaNguyen
Infobox colour proposals21:52, 14 June 2018SamanthaNguyen


Pagename Last Edit Last Author
User rights/Requests02:34, 25 August 2020ToaMeiko
User rights/Removals23:36, 10 September 2016Edward Nigma
Quality Check Group/Requests20:44, 9 January 2016ToaMeiko
Articles for Rating/Class 321:21, 14 August 2015Latenightguy
Articles for Rating/Class 4/Archive11:08, 16 March 2015Brikkyy13
News reporters/Requests11:32, 27 January 2015NovaHawk
Improvement drive18:03, 18 November 2014Ichindar
Review Quality Moderators/Requests15:46, 24 October 2014Soupperson1
Articles for Rating/Class 221:13, 11 January 2014Drew1200
Articles for Rating/Class 121:10, 11 January 2014Drew1200

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