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George Barnick




United States

Time zone:

GMT -5, Eastern

Themes collecting/collected:

Hero Factory
Legends of Chima

User rights:

Administrator, Bureaucrat


Bot operator of MeikoBot
QCG member
Review Quality Moderator
BAG member
News reporter
CVU member

LEGO Ambassador:

LUG Ambassador LOGO 1 - 2014.png

"Being a leader doesn't require a title; Having a title doesn't make you one."

Hi, I'm Meiko, or George. I'm a system administrator at Brickimedia and a Board representative for Brickipedia. I'm an administrator, bureaucrat and an avid editor here who enjoys partaking in this community. I'm a member of Brickipedia's Quality Check Group, Review Quality Moderator team, the Bot Approval Group, the News team, and a CVU member. I also administer all official Brickipedia and Brickimedia social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+). I operate MeikoBot, a maintenance bot on several projects of the Brickimedia network. As of 2015, I'm also Brickipedia's LEGO Ambassador, which means I serve as a point of contact between Brickipedia and the LEGO Group to provide valuable insight and activities between the two entities.

I joined this wiki taking the role of a system administrator for the Brickimedia project—an initiative to bring together several LEGO communities onto one network. During that time, I got to know the community well, and developed many useful features for the network.

Outside of Brickipedia, I work as a news reporter and database administrator at Brickset. I was project manager for, a defunct LEGO fan hub, and an administrator on both its wiki projects—The Ninjago Wiki and The Chima Wiki. I was also a staff member of the BioMedia Project, and am an administrator on both BIONICLEsector01 and HEROsector01.

I am a registered member of the LUG BioniLUG, and annually attend LEGO fan events and conventions such as BrickFair Virginia.

Aside from LEGO, I enjoy photography, automobiles, web development, computer programming, and PC gaming.

I have 10,188 edits (4,555 mainspace).

I joined Brickipedia 2 years, 3 months, 13 days ago as of March 31, 2015.


I started building with LEGO at a very young age, primarily from influence of my brothers and father. My first set was 6525 Blaze Commander, not counting bins of DUPLO blocks I had. I then moved on to Jack Stone, which was one of my favorite themes as a young kid, and BIONICLE. My first BIONICLE sets were 8532 Onua and 8570 Gali Nuva. With my interest in BIONICLE, I joined my first online LEGO community, BZPower. I followed BIONICLE up to its close in 2010, whilst collecting various other themes such as City. Nowadays, I collect themes such as Ninjago, Legends of Chima and Architecture.

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Main article: Special:Contributions/ToaMeiko

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"meiko is awesome"
"ToaMeiko is exceptionally skilled at ragequitting Minecraft servers."
"Meiko is a genius. Just ask the LMBW folks."
"ToaMeiko's name is evil, I mean look at it. IT'S RED!"
The Rainbow Dasher, Brickipedia chat
"Once I asked him for help and he gave it to me."
"Meiko was an awesome friend while I was at Brickipedia, and we always got along together. He is a valuable member of the Brickipedia community. I wish him luck in the future."
King of Nynrah
"He's so cool, LMBW can't handle him"
"He is the true heart that this wiki deserves."


  • If you want to add me as a minifigure in a Custom of yours, you can use this image as an example sigfig.

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