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19621963, 2008–present


Landmark Series
Architect Series

Architecture is a theme introduced in 1962 that ended in 1963, but was later re-released in 2008 and is still selling sets at the present date. Since 2008, all the sets have been designed by Chicago architect Adam Reed Tucker. The theme focuses on taking famous structures of unique design, such as Falling Water, and turning them into sets. The Architecture theme is one of a few themes that is based upon the real world, and is exclusively comprised of microscale models. The models are often considered overpriced (most likely because they are aimed at adults), but the unique design and pieces overcome this.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 19710  Sears Tower          
No image 21000  Sears Tower          
No image 21001  John Hancock Center          
No image 21002  Empire State Building          
No image 21003  Seattle Space Needle          
No image 21004  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum          
No image 21005  Fallingwater          
No image 21006  The White House          
No image 21007  Rockefeller Center          
No image 21008  Burj Khalifa          
No image 21009  Farnsworth House          
No image 21010  Robie House          
No image 21011  Brandenburg Gate          
No image 21012  Sydney Opera House          
No image 21013  Big Ben          
No image 21014  Villa Savoye          
No image 21015  Eames House          
No image 21015  The Leaning Tower of Pisa          
No image 21016  Sungnyemun          
No image 21017  Imperial Hotel          
No image 21018  United Nations Headquarters          
No image 21019  Eiffel Tower          
No image 21020  Trevi Fountain          
No image 21021  Marina Bay Sands          
No image 21022  Lincoln Memorial          
No image 21023  Flatiron Building          
No image 21024  Louvre          
No image 21026  Venice          
No image 21027  Berlin          
No image 21028  New York City          
No image 21029  Buckingham Palace          
No image 21030  United States Capitol Building          
No image 21031  Burj Khalifa          
No image 21032  Sydney          
No image 21033  Chicago          
No image 21034  London          
No image 21035  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum          
No image 21036  Arc de Triomphe          
No image 21037  LEGO House          
No image 21038  Las Vegas          
No image 21039  Shanghai          
No image 21050  Architecture Studio          
No image 518  2 x 4 Plates (architectural hobby und modelbau version)          
No image 520  2 x 2 Plates (architectural hobby und modelbau version)          
No image 750  Hobby and Model Box          
No image 751  Hobby and Model Box          
No image 752  Hobby and Model Box          

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