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Brickipedia News:2019 set images - Architecture and Star Wars

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Brickipedia News:2019 set images - Architecture and Star Wars

User:NovaHawk 06:13, 27 November 2018 (UTC)

avatarby NovaHawk
November 27, 2018

Images of many 2019 sets have surfaced in the last couple of weeks, take a look at these ones from Architecture and Star Wars and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Star Wars

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NovaHawkLegendary Brickipedian

9 months ago
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Death Star Escape looks great to me, and will be picking up the battle packs despite being slightly disappointed with the lack of attention to the non-Iden Inferno Squad members. Can't see a reason to get the Droid Gunship or AT-AP if you have the originals. Those 4+ sets look like they could be a lot of fun for small children, I like what they're doing with them as long as they don't put any exclusive minifigures in there (I'm sure the new Fleet trooper will show up elsewhere pretty soon). Architecture looks amazing as usual, really liking how they're doing a full city these days.

Omega XAmateur

9 months ago
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Agreed Nova, although I did not manage to get a good look at the new Architecture sets before they were taken down haha =P but from the small images in the blog above, they sure look good! Particularly impressed by how the golden gate bridge looks.

As for Star Wars this is kind of a meh wave imo, the 4+ sets are quite a neat idea, but they dont appeal to me personally. On the other hand, I absolutely _love_ the dewback and droid escape microfighters. Its such a simple and yet so creative idea, and manages to adhere to the style established in previous waves. The others are okay I guess, but yea the Droid Gunship and AT-AP are basically repackaged sets. I was interested in the Inferno squad when they were first announced in the game, and followed that storyline with some interest. The revelation that Project resurrection is just resurrecting the first order and not the emperor killed my interest somewhat, but yea the battle pack doesnt quite live up to the hype either. Iden looks great though. Death Star Escape is perharps my second favourite set out of this wave, as it has a vignette style and design but is very play-based too with a lot of play features built in such a small space, and this set would definitely be good for both play and design.

Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
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The at ap is SUPER COOL
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