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Brickipedia News:75192 Millennium Falcon officially revealed

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Brickipedia News:75192 Millennium Falcon officially revealed

User:Vasko 15:01, 31 August 2017 (UTC)

avatarby Vasko
August 31, 2017
75192 Prod.jpg

The next set in the Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series line, 75192 Millennium Falcon, has been officially revealed! LEGO's largest set to date will contain 7541 pieces and will cost UK £649.99/US $799.99/DE 799.99€. It will be available to VIPs from the September 14, with a wide release on October 1.

Check out all the images of the set below and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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BerrybrickLegendary Brickipedian

16 months ago
Score 2++

That's big.

Maybe too big for me to appreciate it because I don't know where to begin or anything; it's not comprehensible, just a bigger version of something I've seen before. :P The interior is sort of cool I guess, but I can't even properly distinguish that in the images because of all the detail.

Eh. A good trap for the collectors, I guess.

What's that penguin droid?

NovaHawkLegendary Brickipedian

16 months ago
Score 2++

Yeah, I think that's my problem too- it looks the same just bigger. I think it would be a very different story in real life though. Definitely not something I'd personally spend that much money on, but I can see why people would (looking forward to seeing a review Brikkyy :P)

Haha, I thought they were penguins too :P Had to read the shop description to figure out what they were meant to be. They're called Porg (they're in Episode VIII)

Brikkyy13Outstanding Brickipedian

16 months ago
Score 2++

This is absolutely glorious. In my opinion this is probably a perfect Star Wars set. There are a few cons, but none that can't be overlooked (except maybe the price. $1300 is very ridiculous... luckily I planned for $1600 ;) )

I am disappointed by the fact that Han and Leia's alternate faces have been wasted on the breathing equipment, and that the exhaust ports on the front mandibles are a bit squarish, but if those are my only complaints with it... Very nice to see the printed pieces on the outside, would've loved to see them on the inside too.

On that note, I'm very surprised by the interior. Did not expect there to be one at all. As someone who would've been happy with a straight up 10179 rerelease this just blows everything out of the water.

Can't wait to get my hands on this in a few weeks. Maybe I'll write a review too, who knows? (I've had pictures ready for a snowspeeder review since May, but this isn't different :P)
Img175192_1to1.jpg +
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Img675192_Minifigure_01.jpg +
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