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Brickipedia News:We finally get some decent quality Justice League images

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Brickipedia News:We finally get some decent quality Justice League images

User:NovaHawk 23:13, 29 June 2017 (UTC)
avatarby NovaHawk
June 29, 2017

Leaked and/or bad quality images of the three Justice League images have been around for a while now, but FBTB has recently posted some some good images that they received from LEGO. Unforunately they only received box images for 76087, but we'll hopefully get them sometime soon. The sets are expected for an August 1 release in the United States.

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BerrybrickLegendary Brickipedian

10 months ago
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I didn't notice this when it was published.

Resounding eh?

I'll defintely get the Aquaman set. Maybe (but probalby not) even two. Possibly the Knightcrawler, but that would be hard to justify because it would really just be for Flash and more Parademons. I'm pretty annoyed that it's mostly Batman stuff and not even good Batman stuff at that. Do the New Gods not have any vehicles or machinery of their own? Could they have done anything more with the Atlanteans or Amazons?

The Parademon figures are good and Steppenwolf is better than he should be (being designed like Groot and all) but I'm kind of disappointed that he doesn't have the color and just strangeness do his design that Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters do. I think that they were just a bad choice for the first JL villains in the first place since Darkseid was supposed to be a Final Boss character and there is a whole mythology building up that corner of the DCU, but since they are tying in the Atlanteans and Amazons and making some use of the Mother Boxes maybe it will work out better than it did in the New 52. My hopes for this movie aren't terribly high though, at least not inasmuch as it is a sequel to BvS and Man of Steel. They pretty much lost me when they "killed" Superman for hamfisted symbolism.
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