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Castle is a theme that was introduced in 2013, succeeding Kingdoms. It features blue Lion Knights battling red Dragon Knights over gold. With fantastical and historical elements, it combines elements of both of its predecessors, Castle (2007) and Kingdoms.


Castle (2013) focuses on two factions, the Lion Knights and the Dragon Knights. The Lion Knights dress in blue, own lots of gold, and are ruled by a king. The Dragon Knights dress in red, steal the gold of the Lion Knights, and are ruled by an evil wizard. The Dragon Knights also captured the Lion Princess at one point, which leads to at least one instance of conflict between them.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 70400  Forest Ambush          
No image 70401  Gold Getaway          
No image 70402  The Gatehouse Raid          
No image 70403  Dragon Mountain          
No image 70404  King's Castle          
No image 850888  Lion Knight Battlepack          
No image 850889  Dragon Knight Battlepack          



  • The two factions have the same animals as the forces in Kingdoms, but the Lions have a blue shield like the Lion Knights in Knights' Kingdom, along with a crown like the Crown Knights, while the Dragon Knights are red.


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