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Celebration IV Set

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Celebration IV Set
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Star Wars
    Episode VI Return of the Jedi

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Celebration IV Set is a promotional set from Star Wars Celebration IV, held in Los Angeles from 05/24/2007 through 05/28/2007. This set exclusively was available in a limited amount of 500. LEGO randomly picked 100 raffle winners each day during the 5 day event. If you had a lucky number, you could purchase this for $49.99 at the LEGO stand. There were no instructions and it is only a minifigure display diorama.

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PriceUS $49.99 +
Released2007 +
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ThemeStar Wars
    Episode VI Return of the Jedi
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Txt2Emperor's Royal Guard +
Txt3Emperor's Royal Guard +
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Txt5Imperial Stormtrooper +
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